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How to Get a Thicker Lawn and Fuller Green Grass

Lawns are beautiful. They, however, are more beautiful when they are thick and lush. Everyone loves thick and lush lawns. Nonetheless, not many people know what to do to make their lawns thick and grass green.

Are you looking to make your lawn thicker? There are simple tips that can help you achieve this. These steps are: 

Work on the Quality of your Soil

The quality of your soil has a major role to play in the thickness of your lawn. Going by this, one thing you must do if your lawn must be thick is to carry out a test on your soil. By simply testing your soil, you are on your way to getting healthy and thick lawns. This is because after carrying out the needed tests on your soil, you can tell what your soil’s needs are. This way, you can get started in the right way. Beyond knowing the needs that are peculiar to your soil, you will also know how to go about any problems that might keep your lawn from being thick.

When you test the soil in an area, you get to know what its PH is, as well as other factors that can prevent your lawn from getting thick. Furthermore, a soil test helps you make amendments without the need to guess. 

It might not look like you need to know the pH of your soil before going on to plant your lawn. This, however, is important as your grass will be unable to take up nutrients if the pH of your soil is low. When you test your soil, you can find out if there are any amendments you need to make for the pH balance of your soil to be restored so it can take up nutrients are grow thick.


Lawn grasses might not be edible. However, just like other plants, they need to be fed properly if they must grow well and one way to do this is by making use of fertilizers. When looking to make your lawn thick, you might need to always depend on fertilizers as grasses might not be able to get all the nutrients that they need from the soil. The nutrients in the soil suffer from leaching during irrigation and rainfall.

Fertilization can help your lawn look healthy. However, to make it as thick as you want it, you will need to fertilize regularly

Fertilization of your lawn can be done in isolation. It also can be done alongside overseeding. When fertilization is done together with overseeding, it helps the new seeds grow very rapidly.


Overseeding is an activity that you have to carry out always if you want to have thicker lawns. It, however, becomes much more important if your lawn is thin. It simply involves planting extra grass seeds into already existing grass. Doing this can keep your lawn from getting thin. It can also make thin lawns become thick.

Beyond just simply overseeding, you have to know the exact time to overseed if you must get the right results from this activity. For individuals trying to fix northern lawns, fall and spring are apt for overseeding. However, people, looking to overseed southern lawns will get the best results when this is done in late spring.

When overseeding, you must make use of the right seed. When you make use of Pennington Smart Seed and other premium grass seed, you will be able to easily convert thin lawns into beautiful and thick lawns. That’s not all. You have to select the right grass for your region each time you want to overseed.

Mow in the Right Way

It is one thing to make your lawns thick and another to maintain them properly. While there are lots of practices that can help you achieve a thick lawn, some others will come in handy when maintaining your lawn. One of the practices that can help you maintain your lawn after it gets thick is mowing. With mowing, you can make your grass thick and also keep it in a perfect condition. There are people that have a calendar for mowing. This might work. However, it is a lot better to mow your lawns according to their needs and not a timetable. Green New Lawn is an excellent source for all of your Lawnmower reviews.

To mow properly, you should take out not more than one-third of your lawn’s height from one mowing.

To get the best from mowing practices, your mower has to be kept in the right condition. When properly maintained, the blades of your mower will cut lawns cleanly and not just tear the grass roughly. When your grass is rough and torn carelessly, its likelihood of being diseases increases drastically

Irrigation is Expedient

As soon as your lawn begins getting thicker, to keep it growing at the right rate, you will need to stick to the right lawn watering activities. As grass seeds germinate, they need a lot of moisture to germinate at the right rate. In addition to the right amount of moisture, this moisture must be constant. 

As soon as your lawn starts looking good, you will no longer need to water it as frequently as you did when it was growing. It will be able to do well when watered with one inch of water every week. It does not matter where this water comes from. It could come from an irrigation system or from natural sources. When your lawn is watered as frequently as it should, its root can grow deeper. This will help it grow and stay thick.

Keep Weeds in Check

It is not out of place for weeds to struggle with grass for nutrients, water, and sunlight. As the weed struggling with your grass increase, your lawn will get into a worse condition.  You, therefore, will need strategies to kill weeds if you must get the perfectly thick lawn.

Although the right watering practices help your lawn become thick, they do more than this. They also help your lawn through drought, stress, and heat with struggling or getting thin.

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