How To Find The Right Used Car Dealer In Tempe?

The computer chip shortage across the globe has upended the used car market. To add to that, the pandemic further fueled sales of used cars in the U.S. 2021, say a 10% spike in used car sales at 40.9 million units. About half of these were sold to retail customers.

Home to Arizona State University and Mountain A, Tempe is one of the trendiest cities in Arizona, with a growing skyline. While Tempe is known for its high cost of living compared to Phoenix, transportation costs are lower in Tempe than in Phoenix. The pandemic saw increased used cars across the country as people preferred their vehicles rather than use public transport. 

The boom is still on as consumers prefer used cars, as they cost much lower than a brand new one. You, too, can get a great deal at a used car dealer in Tempe. Here is how to find the right dealer.

Check For Contact Information

Usually, the dealer’s contact details are the last thing on your mind when considering purchasing a used car. It should be a priority. It should raise a red flag if you cannot find a phone number or a location. A reputable dealership will want you to contact them while making your purchase decision. They should also be reachable after a sale if you have any concerns or questions. Therefore, contact information should be your first stop.

Location Of The Dealership

With most businesses switching to online models, your used car dealer may not advertise their location, but they will have one where they house their inventory. Ensuring that the place is not too far from your location is best as it allows you to visit when you have an issue. Tempe is a densely populated city, and the used car dealer may be out of the city limits to save on warehousing costs, but it should be easily accessible.

Check All Available Options

You may have a car in mind even before you visit the dealership, but it is best to keep an open mind. You would have set a budget for the vehicle, but the dealership may have a better option at the same price. And, who doesn’t love an upgrade?

Get Referrals

When finding a credible used car shop, begin by getting references. Your friends, family members, or colleagues may have recently purchased a used vehicle, and their experience can give you valuable feedback on the dealer. Tempe, being home the Arizona State University, has a high cost of living, and you don’t want to be stuck with a car that does not meet your needs. You could spend that money on something more substantial.

Check For Certification Options

Used cars are available in both certified and non-certified options. The certified option may cost slightly more, but it gives you peace of mind by giving you a manufacturer warranty. These cars are usually 2-3 years old and not used much. Therefore, the manufacturer is also confident about its performance and vouches for it with a warranty.

Another advantage of a certified used car is that they are thoroughly inspected and refurbished. It means they meet the local traffic restrictions and the manufacturer’s quality parameters. Dealers who sell certified vehicles can be trusted as manufacturers also trust them. The vehicle producer would have already vetted the dealer.

Financing Options From Dealer

Dealers have tie-ups with various banks to provide finance on their vehicles. You can get a car loan quickly for a certified used car, while that for an uncertified one can take time and end up being costly. A reputable used car dealer in Tempe should be able to process most of your paperwork for the loan and get you the best rates possible.

Test Drive The Vehicle Before You Seal The Deal

It’s obvious but needs to be stressed upon. No matter what certification and warranty the dealer gives you, you will not know what you are getting unless you drive the vehicle. Walk away if the dealer refuses or avoids a test drive.

Get Complete Paperwork

Usually, it is easier to purchase a new car than a used one. You have to ensure that all the paperwork is in order. It includes the certifications, warranties, loan terms, and title transfer. Do not miss any of these as you will regret later.
Whether to save money or get the advantage of lower depreciation, buying a used car is no longer stigmatized. The pandemic saw a massive demand for used vehicles due to a lack of public transport. You can find a used car dealer in Tempe by following the above tips and driving away with peace of mind.

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