How to Evaluate Your Property Manager Relationship

Property management is a very demanding and challenging task. It involves organizing, maintaining, controlling, and coordinating an efficient system to maximize income from a property. Therefore, it can be quite challenging to select a property manager capable of handling such a difficult job. One can hire a good manager by interviewing potential candidates, but performance assessment is the only metric that can show how well they are doing their job. To know more about property management,visit If you already have a property manager, this article will give you some tips on how to evaluate your work-related relationship.

Communication Skills

A great relationship is built upon communication, and the manager of your property should have excellent communication skills. Examine whether your manager is approachable and communicates effectively with tenants regarding their concerns. If your manager is often unresponsive, neglects, or takes time before answering clients calls, then it is time to select a more qualified person. An excellent manager will update the landlord on every aspect of the property, like finances or maintenance issues. The ability of the property manager to negotiate with tenants and effectively solve problems will benefit you in return.

Turnovers From Investments And The Vacancy Rate

Although your property manager does not need to be an expert in revenue generation, it is essential that they have a solid financial mindset. The manager must have a basic understanding of how to successfully market properties and be ingenious to find trustworthy and liable tenants. You must cross check the quality of service provided by the manager, as low quality will make tenants break the leases beforehand.

The rental return rates genuinely define the state of your investment. Thus, if you have a high turnover rate and low vacancy rates, the manager is doing the job perfectly.

Working Hours

Ensure that the property manager is putting in enough hours in his/her work. They should be prompt to address tenants issues like maintenance . However, if your manager ignores service requests or delays response times due to being unavailable during office hours, it can negatively affect the occupancy rate of your property

Work Follow Up

You should check the monthly or annual report updates of the work done by the manager to see the income and fulfilled requests of the clients. The management of property requires attention and precise implementation to work efficiently, so you must be hands on.

Service Quality

When evaluating a property manager, you must consider the quality of work they provide. Do not think through the actual duties managers perform, but they should be an asset to you. A manager should perform all duties linked to management, such as property leasing, advertising, potential screening of clients, maintenance, problem-solving, and many more.

After considering these evaluation steps, if you are unhappy with the work of the current property manager, then your first step should be to mend the relationship. Follow these steps so as to put your thoughts in front of them in a professional manner:

  • Expressing the concerns

Generally, people hesitate to point out the faults of others to avoid conflict as adverse reactions lead to embarrassment. However, it is best to address concerns directly rather than delaying because it can create more chaos. It will be helpful for both of you if you convey your message regarding the services they are not achieving.

  • Restating the responsibilities and expectations

Keeping the contract near will help you refer to the actual duties that the property manager has to perform. You can highlight the responsibilities and what you expect from them. Reviewing the contract will also appraise you of your duties to the property manager. It is an excellent method to fix the relationship and move forward.

  • Keep on reminding

If you have faith that the current property manager can do better, it is wise to give them a chance and leave everything behind. Nonetheless, you must keep on assessing their performance and hold meetings to discuss the improvement rates. In this way, you will build a strong relationship with your property manager. However, if things are not going too well and you have tried your best to fix the relationship with the manager,  then it is time to hire a new property manager. To get the assistance of experts regarding this matter, visit ‘’, a professional Property Management Company website.

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