Developing Good Family Relationships to Avoid divorce

Quite often arguments and disagreements cause a married couple to drift apart. If such arguments and disagreements are not dealt with promptly they could cause one partners feelings to erupt. This unfortunately maybe the beginning of the end of a married relationship and could often lead to a divorce. Our family solicitors have compiled some helpful tips and advice on developing good family relationships, which if followed could prevent a divorce.

Respect your partner

Quite often failure to respect your partner after an argument or disagreement can be the main cause for the thoughts of divorce to arise. Despite people and feelings changing over time you should remember the best qualities in your partner which lead you to choose them as your life partner and to ultimately marry them. Arguments should not be the cause of losing respect for your partner. Regularly complimenting and appreciating your partner will help develop the strong bond you have. This in turn will make your marriage relationship so strong that thoughts of divorce will not need to appear within the relationship.

Communicate your thoughts and feelings with your partner

Our family lawyers have noted that quite often couples who separate have forgotten the key ingredient of communication. Communication is an essential tool which can either make or break your marriage. It is important to note that a relationship when commencing begins with effective communication. Then why does communication lose its value during the course of the marriage? In the day and age of modern technology and smart phones, couples often feel that communication between them can take place through these methods. This is all well and fine until you find yourself involved in an argument or a disagreement. In such cases you should revert back to the conventional style of communication by addressing issues through talking face to face.

Face to face communication can build on an intimacy between a couple as well as resolve arguments, frustrations and feelings of anger and resentment. So, consider the advice of our family law specialists and ensure you communicate effectively with your partner. You will be surprised as to how far this can go in resolving any marital disputes and allowing you to develop your family relationship and save it from ending in a divorce. You do not have to communicate for hours on end, quite simply communication for as little as 15 minutes to half an hour a day could help you save your relationship.

Respect the time and space needed in the marital relationship

Spending time with each other in a relationship is pivotal. However, spending excessive time or less time can also damage the relationship. Giving less time to your partner can be indicative of being inattentive or less affectionate whereas spending too much time together can lead to arguments and falling apart as well as taking each other for granted. It is important to strike a balance between spending time with your partner and providing each other breathing space. Allow yourself and your partner time and space to enjoy their hobbies and interact with their family and friends., whilst maintaining your time together by having movie nights or going out for meals together. This can go a long way in saving a relationship.

Learn the art of comprising

Compromising is a key ingredient to saving a marriage from divorce. Individuals and couples are not perfect. There maybe things about your partner which you do not like and vice versa. However, in order to build and develop a healthy relationship you will need to compromise on certain issues. By having open and honest discussions with your partner you can compromise in certain scenarios. You need to remember that it is not possible to get our way all the time. So, by compromising and attempting to understand your partner better you more likely to extend the life of your marriage.

Do not hold grudges

Holding grudges in a marital relationship against one another can often bring about acrimony and bitterness within the relationship. Grudges and feelings of anger and resentment can over time lead to a reason for considering divorce. It is best to carry out open discussions with your partner and where possible forgive each other for the past and move on. Failing to do so could cause you to drift apart from each other both emotionally and physically which can leave you with no other alternative but divorce. It is important you learn how to get rid of the negative feelings and vibes from the outset to strengthen your relationship rather than allowing such negative feelings to grow.

If you have wronged your partner or vice versa, a sincere apology or forgiveness can help your situation. By listening to and understanding your partner you can discover what went wrong and take preventative measures to help in the future.

Always look at the positives around your relationship

When a couple is arguing or involved in disputes it is often difficult to focus on the positives of your relationship. Quite often you are thinking short term and the feelings of anger, hatred and resentment will take the better of you.

What you need to do is to take a deep breath and a step away from the arguments. Recall the positive and wonderful memories you have created. Think about how you first met and the qualities you saw in each other which attracted you towards each other. Surely there must have been something about your partner which lead you to fall in love and enter into the marriage relationship. Do you remember the feelings and emotions you had for each other when you newly married and moved into your new home? Allow these feelings to re-appear in your life and ignite the true feelings you have for each other. Clear the air and any misunderstandings you have to strengthen your bond which you had the intention of creating for a lifetime.

Seek help in order to save your marriage

If you have followed the above tips from our family law specialists and still find yourself in a situation where you feel divorce is inevitable then consider seeking help. You could seek emotional help as well as legal help. Both options could result in you evaluating your family situation and considering your options.

Speak to family and mutual friends to see whether anything could be done to reconcile your differences. Quite often a third-party discussion could be beneficial. Having a mutual friend or family member talking to both of you could point you to the right direction and assist you in saving your marriage.

You could also seek assistance and help from family law specialists. Family lawyers could act as mediators to listen to the differences you have developed as a couple with a view to trying to resolve your issues. Not all family disputes have to end up in court. Sometimes intervention from a family lawyer or mediator can help resolve differences.

If you would like to discuss how to try and save your marriage from divorce or have reached a stage where divorce is inevitable then contact family lawyers to how they can assist you.

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