How to choose the best heat press machine for long time use

The Heat Press Machine is an advanced technique for printing your works. You can print art of your work on T-shirts, mouse mats, mugs, hats, bags, plates, etc., higher than other printing methods. In addition, the entrepreneurs consider the heat press machine is a great investment due to its ease of use and ability. This kind of machine helps to print high-quality printing art without spending more money.

After gaining practical experience experts are using them to print different designs. People are manly using for different types of garment’s products as well. In this article, you will get a little brief on how to choose the right machine for you.

Things to consider before buying a heat press machine:

Let’s start our guide below mentioning including the basic question’s answer. Here are important things to keep in mind. Let’s view some necessary consideration before buying the best heat press machine for small business.


The first thing you have to do when buying your heat press machine is the machine’s quality. We know that as much as you want to invest your money in a durable, long-term for using the machine. You need to make sure it comes with the ultimate value that will help in your printing accessories. The easiest way is to identify durable machines by comparing them with different models.

Of course, a durable, high-quality machine will have more cost with the best materials used to build it. You have to endure the constant clamping and movements involved in your machine. And if you invest in poor quality, light machines it will not be able to handle it.

Consider the budget

This is useful for those who are initially planning to buy their first heat press machine. My simple advice is to spend as much time as you can to make sure the machine you buy meets your initial printing needs. Get an assumption on average costing of heat press machines. You will find an average cost of a heat press machine is about 200-3000$.

Heat plant

This is a very important part of a heat press machine when it comes to transferring your design on a printing paper. Before you buy any machine, make sure that the heating element distributes heat evenly that you want to have. If you are doing a demo of the new machine, you will be able to do it. Just turn it on to feel the heat distribution and move your hand over the blade. After all that you will understand your machine works or not.

Manufacturer support

Like any other device, you often need to contact the manufacturer’s technical team. They will help you to operate the machine in a proper way. You will get a solution to any issues that may pop up during the operation of your system. If the company has reliable customer support, things will be much easier for you. This is especially true if they help you respond quickly and solve your problems.

Digital timer and temperature control

Almost all modern heat press machines are making with digital time and temperature control. These help you determine the right time and temperature. But this also is depending on the materials you are working on. If you don’t want to risk burning your customer’s order then work carefully. Many owners are doing because of the extra customer. You need to consider this feature while you are going to printing valuable designs on expensive paper or cloths.

Temperature and time limits

Depending on the temperature and time aspects of the heat transfer machine, you have to learn their range. The temperature is about 350 degrees Fahrenheit and about for a standard heat press. You would find that10 seconds is enough to meet your t-shirt printing needs. This range will vary if you work in thick clothing such as hoodies or sweatshirts.

Machine Size

The choice of heat press machine you are buying you should check its size. The size of any machine will save your space to work on different cloths. I would suggest you consider larger models – measuring 16 x 20 inches, it gives you a larger workspace.

Smaller models are great if you consider a machine on a budget. Smaller size machines can’t provide you with a comfortable workspace when printing on larger outfits like XL tees and hoodies. Smaller models like 9 x 12 inches will serve you well if you work on kid’s t-shirts. If you have limited space in your office or home, consider investing in compact models that are space-efficient.

Adjustable pressure and force knobs

If you plan to buy a clamshell-style machine, the pressure knobs are easily adjustable. These knobs can help to control how much pressure you put on your shirt. Some machines bring weakly located knobs and if you continue to use too much power it can go behind you. Apply very little force to the way and the design will not move adequately in your wardrobe.

The intended user of the device

Until the end, you should remember to use the machine you are buying. As you know, these machines come in different styles and models. The ease of use varies from one model to another. Even when the machine comes with a user manual, it’s a little tough to operate these machines for the novice. To be more secure, consider buying from sellers who offer the product’s warranty. And be sure to take part in the full training of those who are using this machine.

Best heat press machine for home use

  1. Cricut EasyPress 2 heat press machine – The Best Heat Press for Personal Home Use.
  2. ePhoto 15″ x 15″ New Digital Heat Press Machine – The Best Heat Press for Small Businesses Customizing T-shirts
  3. PowerPress HPM-1515-BK Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation

Best heat press machine for beginners

Below mentioning two best heat press machines for beginners. I personally suggest using this machine to learn to be an expert for the next use of an advanced machine. These two machines are popular in the market and I found a huge positive response from customers. Get anyone and be an expert in the design printing works.

  1. PowerPress Industrial heat press machine-Quality Digital Sublimation.
  2. Fancierstudio Power Heat press machine – Awesome Heat Transfer Machine.

Best 15×15 heat press machine for you

  • Insta 718 Auto [Swing Away]
  • Rincons AP-SW15 [Swing Away]
  • HIX Swingman 15 [Swing Away]
  • Rincons AP4-15 LCD [Clam Shell]
  • HIX S-450 [Clam Shell]
  • HIX N-680 Air Operated [Clam Shell]

Heat press machine & screen printing

We are guaranteeing you to have high-quality garments printing using a heat press machine. It is because the heat press method uses special ink with an advanced graphical software package. It makes the job easier and gives you flexibility. Unlike the screen printing method that uses color with the heat press method, you can use an array of colors. You should remember that before starting printing you need to take care of your health.

Necessary things for a heat press machine

In addition to the heat press, you will need a computer for design. There are various tools such as scissors, a cutter, heat tape, a printer, and ink. The transfer paper you need to keep transferring in the right way during the pressing process. If you are running an e-business, you will also need to have this facility. If you specialize in good quality design and printing, you can make more money.

Papers types for a heat press

The paper comes as a light t-shirt printing that is designing for different colors. You can print different papers like white, cream, or pastel light-colored fabrics. There is a dark paper are designing also for black and dark fabrics. To transfer the design onto your fabric of choice, you can use a heat press machine with 1400w or higher.

We hope this little detail helps you when you are thinking of buying a heat press machine. This article gives you a brief overview of ways to buy the best heat press machine. This article’s guide and recommendation tips you need to consider using a heat press machine properly. Thanks

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