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How to Choose a Perfume to Compliment Your Smell

Do you want to learn how to choose a perfume that compliments you?

Choosing a perfume that’s right for you can help you establish yourself. It can mean that you’re confident, bold, and ready to impress.

However, choosing the right perfume is difficult because of the options presented to you. With an ever-growing perfume market, though, how do you choose a perfume that’s for you?

Don’t worry, here are the things you should consider when buying a perfume. Read on and learn how to choose your signature scent.

1. Choose a Scent

Let’s start with choosing a scent. Every perfume or cologne has a “note” that determines the scent. This is often the main ingredient used during the perfume’s creation.

The notes are consisting of three different layers; the top, middle, and the base note. These combine to create a specific fragrance with a distinguishable smell. It ranges from the candy-like tones that women often wear to the musky odors for men.

2. Test How the Scent Makes You Feel

Decide how the smell of the perfume reacts to you once you find one that you like. Does it appeal to your nose, or does it assault your senses?

These are the basic ways to determine if you like the scent or not. This is important as whether or not you like the smell can impact your mood. Use this as a basis for what fragrance you’ll keep on you.

3. Notice How the Fragrance “Wears” on Your Skin

Be careful of first impressions when trying out different types of perfume on yourself. This is because their scents change the longer they stay on you. Your body is often the chief cause of this change.

Things like your sweat and the oils you produce can affect how a perfume smells later on. Try out a small bottle first before you commit to buying a big one.

4. Consider Your Lifestyle

Like how perfumes can change its scent in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Your lifestyle is the deciding factor when choosing your perfume. The scent you project can send a message about what you think and what you want to say.

Choose a lighter scent if you are to keep moving and interact more with people. Choose a heavier scent when going out during the weekends. Even your hobbies can help you choose your scent, use a spicier scent if you love to cook.

5. Keep the Scent that Appeals to You

If you still can’t find a perfume that you like, consider the odors that you do like. Think about scents that appeal to your nose. It could be anything from the smell of chocolate or the scent of the ocean.

What matters is that you know the smell that you’re looking for. With that example, find the scent that is closest to what you prefer. If you’re looking for scents that are right for you, check out Marc Jacobs Daisy.

How to Choose a Perfume

Perfumes and colognes are not for everyone for many reasons. Some may not like wearing one or they aren’t used to it. Don’t worry, though, with this article you have some top tips on how to choose a perfume.

Do you want to learn more? Check out more of our guides today!

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