How to Best Support Different Teams in 2022

Businesses employing diverse teams need to invest extra effort into aligning everyone and everything, especially where hybrid work models are involved.

With the emerging trends and the gig economy changing the rules of the game, there are numerous hacks that need to be taken into account.

Let’s take a look at the most important ones.

Construction Crews

Apps for construction are a relative novelty and a standard that has yet to be established. However, certain trends are gaining popularity, and really anything that simplifies complex construction tasks and makes your workers’ lives easier does the trick.

Notable examples of the tech and processes used to simplify and aid construction projects include AI, 3-D Printing Houses, BIM Software and LiDAR.

Next on, job costing processes and structure breakdowns need to be dealt with.  

For best results, use the following pattern:

  • Project scope
  • Deliverables
  • On-site logistics
  • Create communication, procurement, and safety plans.
  • As for execution and control, use the following checklist:
  • Keeping daily activity, work, and safety logs
  • Monitoring and managing change orders
  • Monitoring materials being used
  • Monitoring the workforce on and off the site
  • Monitoring equipment 
  • Monitoring costs and cash flow
  • Ensuring payments and subs are on time
  • Tracking expenses

Lastly, the closing stage checklist should include:

  • Final inspections
  • Ensuring everything that has been agreed to in the contract has been met
  • Reviewing customer satisfaction
  • Obtaining a certificate of completion
  • Update Your Inventory Management

Employing cloud-based inventory management is a good idea, too, and AR and AI can also prove helpful.  

AI can specifically help you to streamline facility maintenance. The Internet of Things (IoT) sensors may assist you with:

  • Establishing baselines for asset performance indicators
  • Determining upper and lower limits of asset performance
  • Collecting utilization data
  • Transmitting data to AI-empowered software

The IoT software compares current performance data with historical data, ensuring that assets are functioning properly and reporting to facility personnel.

Customer Service

Customer service representatives are in high demand. The problem is — frontline workers are abandoning their jobs en masse and turning to remote work due to various reasons, the most important two of which are poor management and rigid work schedules.

That is to say, you should pay particular attention to assisting your customer service employees. Use AI where needed. E.g., deploying contact center automation will free workers to handle more tasks and take on special calls or messages.

Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

If you aren’t already, you will surely employ remote workers very soon.

How come?

The gig economy is getting more appealing by the second, and more and more people are turning to flexible schedules and gigs.

Hybrid work models are already highly desirable, so take a look at the options:

  • Partially remote work, with flexible office space – no permanent offices; rented flex space used for periodic collaboration (but not connectivity)
  • Almost entirely on premises – limited remote work, large office space the majority of managers and workers
  • Partially remote work, multiple hubs – multiple offices with the workforce dispersed among them
  • Partially remote work, large office space –  the majority of managers and workers spend most, but not all, of their time at the office
  • Almost entirely off premises – mostly remote work with no office space
  • Multiple microhubs – management and employees are dispersed across small microhubs located in different cities (or countries, depending on the scope of your business operations)

Finally, keep in mind that some people working remotely are also digital nomads. This means that different rules apply to them, notably in terms of contract types.

E.g., many digital nomads have their own plans for how to deal with expat taxes; some of them run their own businesses abroad, while others country hop to avoid double taxation. In any case, you should be open-minded and think up different contract types for employees with different circumstances.

eCommerce Teams

eCommerce Teams can really benefit from the latest tech. They can fork for an online business as well as for traditional businesses, which is to say they may also be working remotely.

When it comes to eCommerce, literally anything goes. Because different businesses have different approaches, you shouldn’t stick to any fixed rules. Rather, brainstorm your own strategy and make sure to follow through.

One thing you should not overlook is — providing the absolute finest tech to your eCommerce teams. Nowadays, there are numerous AI technologies that can make a difference and simplify manual tasks your teams really don’t have to waste time on.

Key Takeaways

As you can see, new technologies have made many impossible feats possible. Basically, always make sure to deploy the latest tech to assist your workforce, regardless of their roles.

Provide training and development options and make sure to educate your managers as well (particularly frontline managers!).

The rest can be adjusted and polished over time. Be open-minded and stay on top of the developments as remote work and the gig economy are attracting more and more people. Revise those rigid working schedules and contract types!

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