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How To Become a Good Digital Marketing Specialist? (Bonus: Get a Free Advice How to Check Email Deliverability)

Digital marketing is an in-depth area with its own specifics and nuances that includes different niches of knowledge:

  • SEO;
  • social media promotion;
  • marketing partnerships;
  • pay-per-click advertising;
  • video marketing;
  • email marketing (where you need to know how to check email deliverability), etc.

As an entrepreneur, you will need some general knowledge in order to understand how it all works together.

Check Email Deliverability


That’s why we decided to highlight what exactly you have to do to get a high-profile digital marketing title.

6 Tips to Help You Get a Grasp of Digital Marketing

You can easily learn digital marketing at home, in your spare time. But these are the essential steps you will need to take on your path of becoming savvy in this niche.

  1. Start with the basics. You can gain basic knowledge in a variety of ways, including e-books, online guides, and blogs created by experienced marketers.
  2. Reinforce theory with practice. Don’t fret to create the first few advertising campaigns as soon as you know the basics. Analyze your mistakes. Such early training and practice don’t require much investment, as you can run advertising through Facebook tools for only $5.
  3. Certify your knowledge. As soon as you are confident in your knowledge, it is time to obtain a certificate from an independent marketer to validate and approve your skills officially.
  4. Launch your blog. Starting your own blog, you will be able to practice your knowledge, demonstrate your own experience and expertise to others, as well as establish new useful business connections.
  5. Boost qualification. Using new connections, you will be able to advance in your role of a professional digital marketer. In this, you will need the support of reputable professionals who will point you in the right direction.
  6. Always grab new facts and insights. Digital marketing is constantly evolving so you will need to constantly update knowledge. You can attend masterclasses from well-known experts in this niche, for instance.

Where to Get Digital Marketing Certified?

These are some of the top providers of digital marketer certification that you can turn to right now to officially confirm your skills.

Google Ads

Accreditation (certification) of a Google Ads specialist is granted for passing two exams: the Google Ads Basics exam (includes the basics of running paid advertising and paid advertising campaign management methods), and the exam for one of the digital advertising courses (media, commerce, search, mobile and video advertising to choose from).

Digital marketing institute 

The Digital Marketing Institute provides the status of a certified specialist to those who have successfully mastered the course materials and passed the exams. Training at DMI will cost about $2,000, but their certificate is guaranteed to attract the attention of potential partners and investors.

Google Digital Garage

Here you will learn the basics of digital marketing and get a general certificate that covers the basics of launching advertising campaigns, promoting a business on digital platforms, connecting new sales channels, etc.

16 Top Free Digital Marketing Online Courses

There are plenty of free digital marketing courses online, most of which are useless or contain outdated information. But here are some well-tried-and-tested options.

Check Email Deliverability


Affiliate marketing courses

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product with a joint contribution, cutting income respectively. Here are two cool courses that will help you hone skills in promoting affiliate campaigns.

Unbounce – course on converting targeted pages

This course will teach you how to increase landing page conversions. It was created under the guidance of ten world-renowned marketers. It’s pretty short (there are only 11 stages in all, each of which lasts no more than half an hour) and boasts the vast global community, which means you can discuss and resolve the most typical conversion issues.

HubSpot – course on inbound digital marketing

The course consists of 6 lectures, in which you can learn about the instrumental aspects of promotion and long-term business planning (setting business goals, visualizing the TA, etc.). You will also be told about inbound marketing, attracting potential customers, and digital marketing areas such as SEO, landing page optimization, etc. The course takes less than two hours. 

Analytics courses

Without a grasp on analytics, you can’t evaluate the ubootcamps of your digital marketing campaigns. Here are the three outstanding courses to help you with this.

Google Analytics for beginners

This video course helps learn the basics of Google Analytics. Namely, you’ll learn how to navigate menus and generate reports, customize summaries and shortcuts, and get a general understanding of the interface and Google Analytics reports. You’ll also learn how to analyze key reports by the audience, traffic source, and user behavior, set up goals, and track your campaigns.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

This one covers the basic and advanced concepts of Google Analytics. Training includes planning, maintaining, and collecting data, reports, attribution, etc. At the end of the training, you can pass a 1-hour exam and get a certificate to help in further employment.

Google Data Studio

With this course, you will learn to visualize analytical data in the form of diagrams. You’ll also learn tools for file sharing and optimal collaboration capabilities, speeding up the reporting process. Data Studio is compatible with all other Google products.

SEO courses

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps promote web pages in search results. The following courses will help learn how to create the most effective search marketing campaigns.


This is one of the top renowned online platforms with cool video tutorials, an extensive knowledge base, useful practical tasks, and original tests to reinforce the material passed. At the end of the course, you get to pass the SEMrush SEO Toolkit exam and get a SEMRUSH certificate.

Backlinko guide on managing Google Search Console

This course will introduce you to methods of getting the most out of your search engine and efficiently optimizing SEO. You get detailed guides on working with the new Google Search Console, attracting organic traffic, analyzing reports, and optimizing landing pages.

PPC courses

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows setting up promotions based on real user clicks. Here are the top resources to help you master it.

WordStream PPC university

Digital marketers who launch their first PPC ads often face the problem of choosing proper keywords, composing text ads, calculating the optimal cost-per-click, etc. This course will help you master all these things. As for more advanced education, there is PPC geotargeting and lead generation training.

Microsoft Advertising Training Courses

This contextual advertising course will teach you the basics of search marketing in the Microsoft Advertising network. You can download a free tutorial and take an exam to get an independent assessment of your knowledge level.

Contextual ads basics course from SEMRUSH

A 5-hour long course of 36 lessons on the essential aspects of launching pay-per-click advertising. Systematized by one of the world’s most respected advertising specialists – Joel Bondorowsky. Through the course, you will learn to create successful, income-boosting shopping campaigns.

Social media promotion courses

Social networks are the best tools for reaching an online audience. However, before placing ads, make sure you know your social platform. The following courses will help.

Social Media Quickstarter from Constant Contact (and advice where to find Holy-Grail tool to check email deliverability)

This one teaches how to integrate marketing strategies with social networks and email interaction tools (like the Belkins solution, which is among the best tools to check email deliverability). The course includes a series of step-by-step tutorials on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Theoretical is added up with practical examples from real life.

Twitter marketing guide from Hootsuite

This guide will help you take the first steps in the Twitter promotion. Learn to create the most profitable marketing strategies, accurately determine the target audience, and integrate sales channels on Twitter with your personal social marketing strategy.

LinkedIn marketing guide

In this course, you can learn how to promote and optimize your campaign pages on LinkedIn, expand the scope of your content marketing strategies to share content with even more professionals, and more.

Video marketing courses

Today, advertising in videos is much cheaper than TV ads yet it is no less efficient. You can invest in YouTube ads and make millions see your offer. Check out the following courses to help you excel at video marketing.

YouTube Certified program

These lessons teach how to create, grow, and monetize your YouTube channel. Upon completion, you get a free certificate that is valid for 18 months.

Video marketing course from HubSpot

Learn how to attract and retain a user audience with viral video advertising. The course includes four separate topics divided into 28 videos. You get a proper certificate at the end of the course.

Video marketing courses from Skillshare

Skillshare provides courses to help you learn about YouTube’s video ranking criteria, video marketing basics, and proven ways to enhance your YouTube channel’s reputation.

Going Further – How to Check Email Deliverability?

Above are the most efficient ways you can study digital marketing right now. But one more essential thing a pro digital marketer should master is the creation of powerful email newsletter campaigns. Email marketing makes up a huge, relevant chunk of promotion efficiency. 

But knowledge and skills aren’t really enough when it comes to optimizing email newsletters. You’ll need something to achieve high email deliverability rates.

The ultimate tool to check email deliverability

The Email Deliverability tool by Belkins offers the most convenient and efficient way to check email deliverability and make sure your email promotion campaigns reach their destination. Learn more about the tool and other digital marketing insights.

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