How to be a Good Clothing Seller: Everything you Need to Know!

You need to be a good clothing seller to carry out your entrepreneurial idea, therefore, at Pop Smoke Merch jeans we are going to support you. Next, we will tell you the best tips so that through the sale of clothes you can continue with your dream of being independent.

Why do you Need to be a Good Seller?

Before telling you the best tips to be the best clothing seller, we want to explain why you need to be. And it is that there is the case of entrepreneurs who perhaps are not those who sell directly to their final customer, because they are in charge of the strategic or administrative part of their clothing business, and that is why they consider that they would not have to develop sales skills.

And nothing could be further from reality. The truth is that when you are undertaking you need to be a good salesperson; From convincing your collaborators to follow you in the proposed objectives, to getting partners, it requires skills as a salesperson.

Tips to be a Good Clothing Seller

Now that we can appreciate how important it is to know how to sell, even when you are not directly responsible for selling to your end customer, we can move on to the best tips for you to be the best seller that your clothing business needs:

  • Identify the profile of your customers. For this you must know the type of people to whom you supply the need for clothing with your merchandise. If it is for men and women, between what ages they range, their stratum, their occupations and hobbies, their lifestyle, etc.
  • Know what you sell. Just as important to knowing your customer is knowing what you are selling. You must know what type of garments you sell, their materials, the preparation, the finishes, what sizes and colors you have available, the different references and know your clothing suppliers.
  • Make yourself visible. Showing your target audience what you sell is essential in a market like Colombia, where the supply of clothing is the order of the day. In this, advertising and sales through digital media, such as social networks such as Facebook or WhatsApp, can be of great help. By these means you can spread photos, promotions and promote events aimed at increasing sales. Remember that the first step to selling is to capture the attention of your potential customers.
  • Advise your clients. One of the best ways to earn points with your customers and make them always choose you is to advise them on their purchase. Recommending them the best clothes according to their body type, their style and the occasion, will show that you are interested in helping them, more than in selling.

Now, more than getting new customers, it is important to keep the ones you have and make each of them increase the value per purchase. That is, to ensure that they buy more and more from you and for greater value. On the other hand, remember Pop Smoke x VLONE The Woo T-Shirt, it will always be cheaper to pamper and retain your existing customers than to attract new ones.

To achieve this, you can add them to your databases and congratulate them on their birthday, keep them informed of your collection changes, auctions, promotions, discounts, events, and in short, make them feel special. For this, digital media, such as mail, WhatsApp and other social networks will also be of great help.

Keep in mind that the best way to sell is to focus on what you can help your customers. Get to know them, identify their needs, make use of your knowledge about your merchandise to find the best option for them, and advise them so that what you sell them is really what meets their need. And of course, after that first sale make them want to come back showing your interest.

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