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Have you ever watched those cooking shows on TV where an expert comes to taste the food and share his opinion? As a child, you might have wondered why this person’s opinion matter so much. Many have wanted to be in that deciding position where chefs would make outstanding dishes and serve them for their expert opinion. Thanks to the internet boom and social media, this dream can turn into reality. You can now be a successful food blogger, tasting and reviewing food online and making a substantial living out of it. Continue reading this article to learn more about becoming a food blogger. 

Find Your Niche: Once you decide to be a food blogger, it’s time to dig deep and find your niche. Food blogging is a pretty vast topic if you think about it. While some people do mostly reviews, others make food with recipes online. Then, others write about the cultural history related to food. There are many things one might explore when it comes to food blogging. For example, you may talk about the keto diet, weight-loss food, vegan food, or more. Here are some categories you might be interested in learning. 

  • Recipe Blogs
  • Trending Food Blogs
  • Vegan/Vegetarian food Blogs
  • Travel Food Blogs
  • Country-Specific Food blogs
  • Drink testing blogs
  • Cooking Books and Recipe Books review Blogs
  • Food Photography Blogs. 

Blogging Platform: Do you feel confident enough to show yourself on screen? If yes, you might want to start a YouTube channel to generate more organic traffic for your website and blog. If, however, you are confident writing about food, you can focus your energy on your blog. Be sure to conduct keyword research for your blog before starting your channel. You don’t want to waste months of your life uploading content only to find out there’s no audience base for your topics. 

Focus on Aesthetics: If you want success for your blog, you must treat it as a business. Therefore, you may have to learn a few skills overtime to support your channel/blog. It is not enough to write about it; you must also provide stunning pictures that attract people’s attention to your blog. People are very visual and have less attention span. Therefore, if your blog is filled with images of food and videos, one will want to learn more about the content. 

  • Be sure to take pictures of the restaurant you are in and not just food and drinks, especially if the goal is to create a food travel/ restaurant channel. For example, you may find a diner with a bar in Mendota Heights, MN, and write in length about the place and the different types of drinks served at the establishment. It will help the readers get an insight into the business before visiting. The readers can come to your blog for an honest review before visiting a spot. 

You may hire a professional to design your blog/website and handle the technical aspect of the same. Reviewing different restaurants by visiting the same can take a lot of time.

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