How Often Should I Walk My Pitbull?

If you take a look at the facts, a Pitbull has enough stamina to walk the whole day. But of course, we as humans don’t have as much stamina, so what should you do? It is recommended to walk your Pitbull for at least 30 to 45 minutes, twice daily. If you cannot do it twice, then do it for an hour, once a day.  

Not only is it important to know how long you should walk your Pitbull, but knowing the benefits of walking your Pitbull are equally important. It is also important to understand what are the best practices to walk your Pitbull. This will also give you knowledge about how your Pitbull can benefit optimally from these walks.

Things To Keep In Mind 

The age of the dog should determine the time of your walk. Every month that your puppy grows add five minutes. This means that if your puppy is 5 months old, you should walk him for 25 minutes daily. Puppies younger than 4 months do not have the necessary vaccinations, so you might want to keep him indoors. This should be substituted with a lot of training and playtime. Innovative toys can be bought to keep your pup busy, till he is ready to walk. 

Planning your day in a way that you have enough time to walk your Pitbull is also an important factor to be considered. 

The location of your residence also plays an important role. Why??? Because Pitbulls do not like a lot of noise. This means you must opt for places that are quiet— the quietest street that you can find or paths where there aren’t a lot of people.

Knowing if your Pitbull is in the mood to go for a walk is also helpful. There are times when your Pitbull is not in the mood, if you force him, your dog can give you a hard time and even refuse to follow commands. Signs that tell that your Pitbull wants to walk are:

➔  Whining

➔  Anxiety

➔  Being hyperactive

➔  Disobedience

➔  Chewing on stuff

➔  Inappropriate soiling

Health Benefits Of Daily Walks

The most important health benefit of daily walks in the exercise that he gets to keep him physically healthy. Blood circulation improves from the daily walks. The enhanced blood flow makes the dog healthier.

Daily walks will also ensure that your Pitbull does not develop emotional problems or any bad behaviors. Pitbulls are very social and do not like to be left alone for long hours. Walking your dog will give you time to spend with him, which will, in turn, improve his mental health. Your dog will be happier, which will improve his general health significantly.

And as Pitbulls are full of energy, walking gives them a chance to use the excess energy. This helps the dog to properly use the nutrients that he has consumed. With the passage of time, your dog will become healthier, as his body will absorb and use all the important nutrients that he is eating. 

Safety Measures

Make sure that you and your Pitbull are safe when you go for a walk, to avoid any mishaps. Keep your Pitbull on a leash so that you have more control, especially if you are walking on a busy street. 

Pitbulls and german shepherds are a really ferocious breed of dogs, it would not be a bad idea to put a Pitbull muzzle​ on your dog’s mouth to keep him, and others protected.​

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