How Much CBD Should I Really Be Taking?

Close to 48% of surveyed CBD users in America indicate that they have stopped depending on traditional medications in favor of CBD products. The statistic is interesting, considering the growing confidence in CBD products based on their medicinal benefits. Despite the CBD craze, most CBD users are yet to understand the right dosage when using CBD products.

Have you been wondering, how much is too much in your use of CBD? If not, you could be overdosing or under-dosing your routine intake. Like with any other medicinal product, there’s a specification that should guide how much CBD you can use within a specific period. 

This article fills you in on how much CBD to take to ensure safety and full benefits. 

Understand That Everyone Is Different   

Compared to traditional medicine, CBD products don’t have a one-dosage-fits-all kind of prescription. Most times, a wide array of other factors play out. 

Before you get a precise response on how much CBD is enough for you, it would be important to consider other related factors yocan unipro. The factors include weight, diet, metabolism, and genetics.

Other factors that should also matter, include product consistency and the user’s immediate environment. Depending on these factors, the actual dosage may vary from one user to the next. As such, developing a universal calculator on the actual

dosage each user should consider has often proven futile. 

Using some of the mentioned factors, could be a good start in your quest to find a dosage balance.  Next, we assess how you can estimate your CBD dosage. 

Using Weight To Evaluate Dosage  

Individuals with more body mass require a higher dosage of CBD. For you to experience the full benefits of CBD products, your dosage should increase as the body weight increases. The general rule of thumb is to take 1-6mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. 

Based on this assessment, an individual who weighs 200lb should consider between 20mg and 33 mg of CBD. On the same note, an individual who weighs around 150lb should consider between 15 mg and 25 mg of CBD. Apart from weight, the other important consideration when measuring how much CBD is enough for a patient is the level of pain. 

Level of Pain 

For individuals experiencing minimal or no pain, the dosage should be between 4.5mg and 22.5mg on the higher side. If your pain is mild, it may be an overdose in case you exceed these limits. Further, a patient experiencing medium pain may consider taking between 6mg and 30mg of CBD Oil

The range in between takes into consideration the weight difference from one patient to the next. In case of severe pain, you may consider between 9mg and 45mg of CBD. The estimates allow for a more informed decision in your use of CBD products. 

Depending on the Form of Application  

When using CBD, the actual dosage may vary depending on how you administer the products. Different CBD users consider varying ways of administering CBD. For instance, a person who uses CBD tinctures might have a rather different dose from a patient who depends on edibles. 

If you prefer vaping or pills, you may end up requiring a lesser amount of CBD in your system than when using topical CBDs. The general difference is that some types of CBDs, such as vaping, are easier to absorb than creams and lotions.

Ingestible CBDs

Ingestible CBDs include edibles, capsules, oil drops, and drink powders. Most ingestible CBDs require dosage control despite them not having any known direct harm on your lungs. The only problem with ingestible CBDs is that it takes longer to take effect. 

The time of onset for ingestible CBDs is between 30 and 60 minutes. If you prefer ingestible CBDs, then you may need to choose between capsules and tinctures. Capsules take 4 to 6 hours to take effect, while tinctures only need between 2 and 4 hours. 

With such information, you may be in a better place to decide on how much CBD to administer. If discretion is top of your priority, it will help to control your dosage.

If you’re dealing with pain, you may consider between 2.5mg to 25mg of CBD edibles. The span may be between 3-4 times a day. If you intend to support overall health or wellness, then it’s recommendable that you consider between 2mg daily on the lower side of the spectrum.  

Individuals dealing with sleeplessness and anxiety may also benefit from ingestible CBD. The average intake in such cases should be between 5 and 25mg. Other factors, such as weight, should also matter in such cases.


CBD users may consider using vapes and flowers for their vaporization benefits. If you use vapes without control, you may experience harshness on your lungs. The best part about using vapes is that the effects are instant.

The duration of the effect is between 45 minutes and one hour when you use vaping CBD. Further, the average composition of CBD per cartridge of vape oil is around 200mg. One serving of CBD vape is around ten inhales.

One inhale makes up around 1mg of vape. This makes it easy to estimate how much CBD you’ll take to inhale each time to use the vape cartridges. Most times, you only need just around eight inhales per serving, which is around 8mg.

When you pay attention to the CBD vape labels, you will notice that each brand has the indicated amount of CBD. The extent of concentration should help guide your dosage level. 


Topicals are the slowest to take effect in your body system. When you use topical CBDs, you might go for hours without feeling the effect. However, this effect depends on the number of fatty tissues and hair on your skin.  

The duration of effect when you use topical CBDs may be up to 2 days. If the intention of using CBD is to address a concern related to inflammation, then your topical CBD dosage should be between 50mg and 150mg per day. 

It would be advisable to start with 20 mg per day split into at least 2mg of rubs on your skin every day. With topical CBDs, there’s always the risk of micro-dosing. As such, it’s important to pay attention to the exact concentration to ensure that you get the best out of the regime.

What You Want to Treat/Manage 

The Mayo Clinic has been on the front line in offering information on how to use CBD within safe parameters. The specialists have developed specific estimates to guide you, depending on the condition you wish to manage.

Patients dealing with a loss of appetite, especially among cancer patients, should consider 2.5mg of THC with a combination of 1mg of CBD. The dosage should be oral and should run for at least six weeks. This is important information considering the projected rise of cancer-related cases by up to 1.8 million this year.

Tips to Ensure Safe Dosage 

While you may understand some of these factors that affect CBD dosage, you may fail to have additional tips on safe CBD use. Here’re some tips to help you get your CBD intake schedules right.  

Start Slow and Go Slow

One way to have your CBD intake under control is to start with low dosages. The human body can tolerate high CBD intake levels. Even so, it takes discipline to ensure that you get the best out of your CBD intake. 

You can start with a low dosage and increase your intake over time. Your body may exhibit tell-tale signs of overdose through side effects if you fail to ensure moderation.  

Shop Smart

The fact there are still notable unregulated dealers of CBD products in the market poses a real concern. Even if you have adequate information on CBD dosage, it may still not help if you buy your products from unlicensed dealers. 

It takes a trusted, licensed dealer to indicate genuine concentration levels for each CBD product. Are you wondering how much CBD is the right dose? You can start by buying such products from genuine shops.

Products such as the watermelon flavored gems from Magical products have an indicated total of concentration of 25 gm. This ensures that you get your daily dosage right.  

Ask Professionals

Today, there’s adequate information on the benefits of CBD. However, there’s a need to research more on the dosage limits for CBD users. If you’re stuck wondering how much CBD is the right dose for you, then you could always consult a professional. 

This Is How Much CBD You Should Consume 

The growing popularity in the use of CBD products is overwhelming. Most Americans know and appreciate the benefits of using CBD products. However, very few know how much CBD is adequate under varying circumstances.  

If you are in doubt, ensure that you consult a specialist before engaging. Above all, only buy CBD products from trusted shops. 

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