How Do You Build an App: Your Complete Guide

Did you know there are more than three million apps on the Apple app store? When it comes to launching an app of your own, there’s a lot of competition you are going to face.

However, if you’re a business looking to better serve your customers, building an app can be a great opportunity. With existing customers in place, you don’t have to compete with millions of other apps on the app store.

Your customers simply want to interact with you in an easier way.

But how do you build an app to support your business? App development has come a long way. Launching an app that supports your business is getting easier, faster, and more affordable.

Keep reading below to learn how to build an app for your business. 

Define the App’s Purpose

Your first step when building an app from scratch is to define your goals. What exactly is the app designed to do? Who is the app going to benefit the most?

If you run a restaurant, then you probably want an app that allows users to place an order online in a matter of seconds. They can pay right from the app, and your staff won’t have to spend hours on the phone taking orders. 

Or if you run a store, you want people to shop for their order on the app. It should then notify them when it’s ready for pick up or delivery.

Your app should have one main goal. But you can also list out all of the different features you hope it will handle. 

Wireframe the App

Once you know what the app should do, you can work with a designer to create a wireframe of the app. This is a visual representation of what each screen on the app is going to look like.

That way, you know what pages you need and what menu options will help users get there. 

Making changes to wireframes is fast and easy. But once the development starts, it becomes a lot harder to make changes. So plan ahead and don’t rush this stage!

Develop the App

With a wireframe ready to go, it’s time to actually develop the app. You can either build the app yourself by learning how to develop software, or you can work with experienced native mobile app development agencies

Sometimes these developers will program the app from the ground up. But in many instances, since they’ve already worked with similar businesses, they have app templates ready to go. This will save you time and money. 

Working with a professional developer is often the best option. You won’t have to learn how to build an android app or how to build an iOS app. They can do it all for you at once. 

Quality Assurance

Once the app has been created, it goes through the quality assurance phase. This is when everything is tested extensively. Bugs must be found and fixed before the general public gets access.

Launch the App

After doing quality assurance and making the corresponding fixes, it’s time to launch your app to the public. 

Consider first launching your app in beta mode. In this phase, only a few test users get to try it out. This gives you the chance to find more bugs.

Other app creators offer their apps publically right from the start. Either way, you’ll need to maintain the app on an ongoing basis. 

How Do You Build an App?

So how do you build an app for your business? Lots of planning, lots of patience, and lots of testing. They are a long-term investment, but one with the potential to grow your business and boost customer satisfaction.

Follow these tips to start building an app for your business today!

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