How do I share my Amazon Prime membership with family members?

What is Amazon Prime Membership?

The Amazon Prime service gives you access to a variety of benefits across all of Amazon’s services. The best benefit for the digital generation would be access to Amazon Prime Video, which is Amazon’s video streaming service. Amazon Prime Video offers a diverse selection of content, including excellent TV, movies, and Amazon originals. Other special offers include access to Amazon Music’s music library and access to books and magazines through Prime Reading. With your Amazon Prime family account, you stand to gain a plethora of benefits.

The Negatives of an Amazon Household

Setting up an Amazon Household with friends or roommates can quickly become complicated, especially if there are more than two of you. Although a Household can have up to ten members, only six of them will be eligible for Prime benefits. The difficulties do not stop there. We’ve listed three more Prime-sharing disadvantages below.

  • Amazon households are limited to two ‘adults.’ 
  • You must share payment methods. 
  • If you leave, there will be a long wait.

Can you download Amazon Prime Video movies?

Amazon Prime Video offers the same offline viewing options as other streaming services. However, a Fire tablet or the Prime Video app for iOS, Android, or Windows 10 are required in order to download Amazon Prime video.

In addition, there are some restrictions on the download functionality. The total amount of shows or books that can be downloaded per account is limited. The downloaded titles also have an expiration date and will be erased automatically after that time. These restrictions ought to be one of the main factors in your search for a reliable third-party Amazon Prime downloader that will show to be useful.

The best choice for all Amazon downloads

If you’re searching for the most effective methods for downloading the top Amazon Prime Video content, StreamFab Amazon Downloader ought to come highly recommended. The ability to download any Amazon video in high definition can be a fantastic alternative.

Here are a few of the intriguing qualities that would be a wonderful fit for almost all of your needs.

  • The downloader does support all of your Amazon Prime regional websites: Support for all Amazon Prime regional sites. No matter where you are, you may watch shows from many countries, such as the US, Japan, Germany, the UK, and others.
  • Remove advertisements while viewing your shows:  One fantastic option that you may find extremely impressive is the absence of ads on IMDB TV.
  • Ability to download subtitles according to preferences:  Another wonderful choice that you will find to be pretty astounding is the ability to download subtitles according to preferences. You have the option of embedding the subtitles into your video or downloading them as a separate SRT file.
  • High-quality video download options: StreamFab Amazon Downloader’s high-quality download options are yet another key strength. H.264 and H.265 codecs are available to you and provide you with exceptional efficiency. Your videos are downloaded with EAC3 5.1 and AAC 2.0 audio in 540p resolution.
  • Downloads in batch mode: The StreamFab Amazon Downloader’s batch download options are fantastic choices. You could download a number of videos at once. Additionally, you can download the complete run of a particular series.

Last Words

Are you trying to figure out how to share your Amazon Prime Membership with friends or even family? Once you’ve looked into the best ways to share your Amazon Prime membership with your family, it would be perfect to look into the best ways to download Amazon Prime material for offline watching. 

For all your needs in taking advantage of a wide range of download alternatives, the StreamFab Amazon Downloader has been ranked as one of the strongest and most powerful options. It might be one of the most dependable solutions for all your needs in downloading video from Amazon Prime Video because of its straightforward and user-friendly interface, extensive selection of download options, and significant degree of customization options.

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