How Can You Fight Aggravated Sexual Assault Charges?

Although the term sexual assault seems like it encompasses all sex-related crimes, the definition will vary from place to place. The term sexual assault refers to any unwanted sexual touching or advances from another person. However, the legal definition may vary. 

Aggravated sexual assault is a severe sexual assault case. It refers to instances where one was forced to perform unwanted sexual acts either via physical force, under threats of injury, kidnapping, and bodily harm, or under the influence of substances that may render the person impaired or unconscious. Hence, in such cases, it is imperative to contact sex offence lawyers.

What Should You Do If You’re Facing Aggravated Sexual Assault Charges?

Aggravated sexual assault is a grave offence that includes rape and child molestation accusations. If you are convicted of these charges, you will have to officially register as a sex offender, which is stigmatising and stressful.

Sexual assault charges should not be taken lightly. If you have been wrongfully accused of aggravated sexual assault, you must contact sex offence lawyers immediately. Sexual assault charges can take a toll on your mental health, leave you feeling ostracised and ashamed.

While the situation is stressful, it is crucial to ensure that you are calm and collected. When accused of sexual assault, it is vital to adhere to the following steps:

Contact a Lawyer

Sexual assault accusations can be detrimental to your reputation, even without a formal decision. It is a stigmatising charge, and you would want to deal with it as soon as possible and with the appropriate counsel. 

A sex offence lawyer has had years of experience in the field. They will not only know which legal stereos to follow but can help you feel reassured and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

With an experienced lawyer, you will feel at ease and have a clear defence that you can follow. When speaking to your lawyer, ensure that you provide as many details as possible so that they can come up with a clear and concise case.

Speak to Investigators Only in the Presence of Your Lawyers

Investigators will try their best to speak to you without your lawyer present in the room. However, ensure that you are aware of your rights and do not speak to investigators unless your lawyer is present in the room. Your lawyer can guide you on which questions you should and should not answer. 

Investigators often try to get you to talk to them by showing up at your home or telling you they believe you. It is crucial to keep in mind that whatever you say to the investigator is admissible in a court of law. Hence, it is imperative that you stay calm and only provide the investigator with any additional information when you have your lawyer present with you.

Sexual assault charges are stressful and can make you feel alone. With the help of an excellent support system and experienced lawyers, you can ensure that you protect your integrity. Fighting a sexual assault case is challenging, but experienced attorneys can help you get justice.

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