How Can You Buy The Best Stocks In The Share Market?

You’ve decided to start investing at last. You already understand that a firm with a large amount of cash on hand is preferable to one that is heavily indebted, that even a low P/E ratio is often better than just a high P/E ratio, and also that analyst recommendations shouldn’t be accepted at face value. And you are aware of the fundamental guideline of the wise investor: A portfolio must be diversified over several industries. Regardless of whether you’ve navigated the technical analysis’s most challenging ideas, it pretty well covers the fundamentals. It’s time for you to choose stocks and also guide yourself on option buying strategy.

How do you decide to buy stocks?

But wait! How then do you decide which few stocks to purchase out of the tens of thousands available? Despite what some industry experts may claim, it is simply not practical to scrutinise every financial statement to find businesses that are expanding their net margins and have a good net debt position.

Three key characteristics of wise stock pickers on how to buy stocks in Indiaare shared:

• They are committed to sticking with their plan since they have already established what they wish their portfolios to accomplish.

• They keep up with the daily events, trends, & happenings that influence the economy as well as every business operating in it.

• They make judgments about whether to purchase or sell stocks using these objectives and expertise.

Establish Your Goals

Identifying the goal of your portfolio is the initial step in choosing assets. Everyone wants to earn money from their investments, but different investors may be more concerned with capital growth, conserving their wealth, or providing retirement income supplements.

Each of these objectives demands a very distinct approach.

Observe Everything

It’s essential to stay current on market news and views. Passive research includes reading the economic news and following industry blogs written by authors whose opinions you find interesting. An investing thesis may be built based on a news story or blog post.

Common sense may be used as the fundamental argument. You may see, for instance, that developing countries are creating new middle classes with consumers who have a wider range of product preferences. The desire for certain goods and commodities will consequently increase.

The Background of a Stock Pick

Every company stock choice made by the attentive investor is supported by a “narrative.” Taking the logic, a step further, an investor might conclude that certain manufacturers of a product will benefit as a result of a rise in demand for that commodity. This kind of fundamental examination creates the “narrative” behind the investment, that supports buying stocks.

However, it’s also necessary to examine your presumptions and views. Even while you may like donuts and fast cars, those newly wealthy in Southeast Asia aren’t necessarily screaming for them.


Following the completion of this kind of qualitative research, you should feel confident and persuaded by the basic thesis. At this point, investor presentation reports as well as business news releases are appropriate places to continue your investigation. A passive method that follows the major stock market indices often outperforms stock selection, commonly referred to as active investment management. According to studies, almost 90 percent of stock pickers fail over 15 years.

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