Hilarious Fun Facts About The English Language

English is the most speaking language across the world and is spoken in every corner of the world irrespective of their native language it is the language of the air, every pilot has to know it because everything that is happening in the world is in English Here are some fascinating fun facts of English language that you need to know.

1. A new word is added to the dictionary every two hours? around 4000 new words are added every year. you can conjecture how broad this language is? there are countless words in the English dictionary even the William Shakespeare wouldn’t have known even half the words of English. Words that in prevalence are generally used in speech and rest just exist in the dictionary.

English Language

3.The average English speaker knows between 20000 to 30000 words ,on an average every person who speaks English understand those words but maybe people really don’t use all of them

4.The most used word in English language is ‘I’

5. The word ‘Good’ has the most number of synonyms than any other word in this language, at 380. Native speakers don’t use common words that are known to everyone,? they use strong vocabulary to sound their speaking attractive.

6. The word’ synonym’ is one of the few words in the English language that doesn’t have a synonym but generally, every word in this language has a lot synonyms.
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7. Shakespeare, the legend of English literature added over 1000 words to the English language. I would like to mention some of his words…

  • Critic
  • Dauntless
  • Bandit
  • Elbow(as verb)
  • Green-eyed
  • Lonely
  • Skim milk
  • Swagger
  • Unaware
  • Undress
  • Unearthly
  • Unreal

8. There are some words in English language? which do not have a particular meaning, but still, they just exist known as GHOST WORD exist some of them are.

  • Dord
  • Abacot
  • Morse
  • Phantomnation
  • Momblishness
  • Cairbow

I hope you will like this information very much, if you have got to learn anything good about English, then do tell us in the comment below and if you want to read such fun information then also visit the Tipsreport.

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