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High-priced activewear and swimwear: Is there merit to it?

While consumer behavior has always been trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends, some question why certain products, like activewear and swimwear, are so expensive. Even before brands were trying to create sustainable and eco-friendly garments, consumers were shocked about leggings and bikinis prices. 

Companies like Lululemon and Triangl have dominated the fashion headlines with their functional yet aesthetically pleasing pieces but at an exorbitant price. According to Nancy Stanforth, a fashion merchandising professor at Kent State University, the reason why activewear and swimwear are so expensive is that every bit of constructing them is as complex and complicated as creating any other type of garment. For swimwear, it seems that proper fit outranks comfort, style, quality, and purchasing for women trying to buy a swimsuit. Ideally, it should compress some places while positively revealing others, not ride up or come undone, while also making the wearer feel comfortable and confident. This presents challenges for swimwear brands because they are working on a smaller canvas to create a product that feels good, is innovative, and fashion-forward. For activewear companies, the reason for the high price is due to high-quality materials that should be breathable, stretchy, moisture-reducing, along other features. 

Additionally, with the use of different fabrics like mesh, neon, spandex, Supplex, and many more, the variety of workout clothes is endless. It has been proven to be great for all types of impact actives and other endless benefits. When it comes to swimwear, the price is high because of its material and the need for special machines to handle the spandex, Lycra, or any other fabrics typically used in swimwear. Not only is it the need for particular devices, but also the components that are required of it. These fabrics and other swimsuit components not only need to be stretchy and fit comfortably, but they also need to stand up against elements like water, chlorine, sand, salt, sun and be stylish to the current fashion trend. 

Due to their high price, activewear and swimwear are the perfect products for companies that want to “experiment” or produce sustainable products that are eco-friendly for the environment. As consumer behavior has shifted to wanting more sustainable fashion, fashion brands have either had to pivot back to create new products or adapt to their existing ones to make them more environmentally friendly. 

Fashion brands like Lumiere Paris have found a way not only to create aesthetically pleasing products, but they have done it in a way where they can make a positive difference to the environment. Created by sustainable fabrics made in Italy, the fashion brand manufactures garments from recycled ocean plastics to reflect the positive luxury values established by its founders, Vijay and Petya; genuine integrity and industry-leading craftsmanship that demonstrates positive social and environmental impacts. With nearly 15 years of experience in establishing and running digital consultancies and customer relationship management, Lumiere Paris is in a unique position to offer premium sustainable products in a reasonable price range. Lumiere Paris’s team understands that while fashion is necessary, it can also be a dirty business and is one of the most significant contributors to pollution and environmental damage. For this reason, they wanted to start a fashion brand that creates apparel solely from recycled and reusable materials. Not only are all their products developed using eco-friendly material, but they have also pioneered the use of alternative innovative technology materials with a cutting-edge business model to combine luxury fashion with ethical standards. 

By researching and understanding their industry and the change in consumer behavior, Lumiere Paris also wants their products to be cost-effective. The inverse relationship between supply and demand will not be as drastic. Lumiere Paris’s mission is to be the voice of transformation through innovation in the fashion industry. As they progress, they plan to continuously challenge, push boundaries, and lead the revolution in the new consumer behavior era. 

From their ethical manufacturing processes to their innovative fabrics and 100% recyclable packaging, they consider everything. They do not compromise on premium product quality, transparency, and sustainability, and all their collections represent the premium feel, elegant look, and ethical working environment. Lumiere Paris prides themselves on their work with one of Italy’s finest textile manufacturers that encompasses every value and commitment that company has to sustainability, our planet, and ethical process. The fabric manufacturer specializes in woven fabrics suited for activewear, lingerie, and outerwear and a leading player on the global market. The brand’s craftsmanship isn’t compromised either, with them working with one of the best garment manufacturers in Italy that also produces garments for some of the world’s biggest fashion houses. Along with that, their packaging is created by sustainably conscious providers that use eco-friendly cardboard boxes made out of 90% recycled paper and additional virgin fibers to ensure maximum strength. All printed ink is water-based, and all products are packaging with tissue paper that has been certified by the Eco Packaging Alliance. 

While the question of the high-pricing remains, many brands, including Lumiere Paris, make it abundantly clear to their consumers that while their prices are high, they are using most of their profits to give back. Since its mission is to protect the earth, the brand donates a portion of its earnings to Ocean Clean-Up Projects, whose goal is to end plastic pollution and foster sustainable communities worldwide. Also, Lumiere Paris works with environmental organizations that support the United Nations on the Billion Tree Campaign to plant one tree for every package they ship.

As mentioned previously, engineering the perfect fit for activewear and swimwear takes time and money, which is why they are so expensive. While other factors like style, design, and price are important, a proper fit separates cheap versus costly products. Anyone who has ventured to YouTube and Instagram has seen product reviews from expensive and affordable brands, and the standard-issue they have with cheap brands is that it either does not look like the product online or the fit is off. Many have discussed that they would pay the extra money to get a product that will fit their body shape and lasts longer. 

Through their use of sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly processes, Lumiere Paris hopes that their efforts through education, activism, advocacy, and science will inspire change in consumer behavior, corporate practices, and public policy. The hope is to be a symbol of dedication to the future of fashion and the protection of our planet. 

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