Here’s How a Pay Stub Generation System Could Save You Time and Money

There are 30.7 million active small businesses in the United States. Using a pay stub generation system is the smartest business decision you’ll ever make.

Around 47.3% of all U.S. employees work for small businesses alone. Small businesses are more cost-sensitive. Still, businesses of all sizes could use automatic pay stub generation benefits.

Smart business owners want to save time and money. Pay stub generation helps you do both at once, so it’s a win-win situation.

Here’s how you’ll save time and money with pay stub automation.

Automation Is Cheaper and Faster

Automation is more efficient than manual labor because it’s more affordable and quicker. That’s because an automated system for pay stubs gives you automatic results.

Think about it: Without automation, you’d have to pay an employee to take care of the pay stubs. Adding another employee to your payroll is more expensive than investing in automation.

The automatic process will generate pay stubs a lot quicker than an employee, making it a better time-saving option.

Less Labor

More manual input requires more manual labor. Using an automatic system for pay stubs lets your employees work on complicated tasks.

Creating paystubs manually is a repetitive, tiring task. Leaving the pay stubs to automation allows you to make better use of your employees’ effort, labor, and talent.

Keep in mind that hiring an employee would require them to memorize the local and state laws regarding employee payment. As such, they would need training, which is another cost you’d be footing.

Automatic pay stub generation directs your employees’ attention and skills to other business efforts such as customer service. Investing in customer service improves customer satisfaction, which increases sales and brand loyalty.


Pay stubs created by generators are more accurate than pay stubs created by humans. That’s because of how the risk of error increases with manual labor. Meanwhile, automation calculates and organizes the numbers better than humans do.

Many humans have the potential to be great workers. However, they’re still prone to error, especially when engaging in repetitive, boring tasks. Simply put, pay stub generation systems don’t have this problem.

The best check stub generator takes your state into account when generating your pay stub. It’s a whole lot easier than remembering state regulations for employee payments! The pay stub generator in the aforementioned link lets you specify the state and so much more.

Go Paperless

Pay stub generators give you the option of going paperless. This is an option many employees would love to have because it gives them a digital record of their wages and deductions without using paper.

Consider using a pay stub generator if your business is “going green.” Supporting the environment improves your brand image with a clear brand message: that your business is compassionate and cares about others.

Your Pay Stub Generation System Has Your Back

The majority of American businesses are small businesses. Implementing an efficient generation system for pay stubs ensures you won’t lose any more money than necessary.

Always remember to proofread your numbers to make sure they’re correct. Pay stub generation can’t help you if the system is working with incorrect numbers.

Keep the cash coming—check out our business articles. It’ll improve your business sense beyond your wildest dreams.

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