Henry Colin Wright: Interview with TikTok star Henry Colin Wright

Seventeen-year-old Essex-based TikTok star Henry Colin Wright has amassed a sizable audience of 175,000 followers on TikTok throughout this challenging year thanks to his songs and reaction videos that he uploads on the platform consistently. In Henry’s first year on TikTok (2020) he has gained over a whopping 25,000,000 views due to months of hard work and dedication. He also has a talent for singing and makes good use of his voice by writing his own songs which he uploads on multiple streaming platforms including his official artist YouTube channel which he has racked up over 5,000 subscriber’s overtime.

We asked the young inspiring Musical artist/Video creator a few questions about how he got his start on TikTok, his breakout video, and how he comes up with new ideas.

What inspired you to start TikTok?

Henry Colin Wright: I think I’ve always had a passion for making videos, way before I was a TikTok. When I was younger, I was always making short films anyway, so when I saw I could make short videos to entertain people on TikTok, I gave it a go — and it seems to be working well so far.

Did you have a breakthrough moment on your Account?

Henry Colin Wright: I feel like I’ve had a couple of breakout moments, but the biggest one that I can remember was this summer when I posted a duet video, In the video, I reacted to some different cakes that looked like real-life items, for example, a roast chicken that turned out to be a cake when someone cut into it. The response I had to this video was truly life-changing. At the time, I think I had around 6,000 followers. I released the video thinking nothing of it, and then, A few days later, I had gained around 20,000 followers and the video had clocked 1,000,000 views. That was my first proper breakthrough moment on TikTok.

Do you have an upload timetable?

Henry Colin Wright: To be honest, I’m not really following a set timetable, however, ever since I started taking TikTok seriously which was around July time this year I have uploaded at least 3 videos every day without hardly missing a day. However, 3 is the minimum I would upload A day it can be 10 or 20 and I believe there’s been a few days when I’ve uploaded 30 or more so It really depends on the current algorithm, overall I’ve uploaded over 1,900 videos to the platform.

Do you have any plans for new TikTok content to help expand your audience in the future?

Henry Colin Wright: yes, I would like to start up short 1 minute vlogs on my TikTok at some point in the near future, I used to do a lot of vlogs on my YouTube channel but now I focus my YouTube content mainly on my music, so I think It would be an all-round good thing for me to start up the vlogs again but on TikTok.

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