Handy Guide to MLB Betting

Betting on the MLB is fun and well worth your while if you take the time to do your research and to understand the game and its betting style. Whether you are a baseball fan, or just looking to expand your betting repertoire, the MLB is a great sporting league to get involved in. As always, it is key to have a plan before you start in order to avoid wasting your bankroll and chasing losses. Whereas football and basketball see mostly point spread bets, baseball is a Moneyline sport, so if you are used to betting on football and basketball there are some differences to get your head around, but still plenty of sportsbooks in the US to get you fix.

We have put together this handy guide to MLB betting in order to help you to create your strategy, enjoy your betting and build your wins.

1. Root for the underdog

Rooting out the plus money teams for games is one of the key factors when looking to win big when betting on the MLB. Remember – when the underdog loses you are only risk losing what you bet, but when they win you enjoy nice payouts.

2. Check the weather

This might sound like a simple tip – too simplistic to make any real difference, surely? The weather can be a defining factor. More precisely, the wind can be a defining factor. When the wind blows in home runs can quickly become warning track-outs and when it blows out fly balls can turn into homers. Track the weather and wind conditions in order to make the most of your stake in the MLB.

3. Check the stats

Like many other sports, when it comes to betting on baseball, form matters. Check the team’s latest results, their win record and their previous results against the team they face as this will give you an insight into their likelihood of winning and earning you some money.

4. Take advantage of F5 betting

Betting on the top half of the game can be a sensible move early in the season as teams settle into the playing schedule and the player roster is decided. New managers and young players are something to keep your eye on as they may result in anomalous data when it comes to comparison with previous win records. You may be able to make a safer bet when only betting on the team’s starters.

5. In-play odds

Baseball is a game that lends itself well to live betting, and you should take the opportunity to get in on the action as you enjoy the game. You can bet on things such as plate appearances, runs and the number of strikeouts recorded by a pitcher in any given innings. In-play odds can be lucrative if you’re following the game closely and have an understanding of the players you are watching.

6. Bet smart

The public tend to bet on the game’s favourite and on home teams. As a seasoned bettor you should look to bet against the public in order to be successful. With a smart, informed wager you will be able to outwit the public bet.

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