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The online world is filled with opportunities. It is also filled with noise. These days, customers want to see you online. They want to learn about your business, communicate with you, and even buy over the internet. If you plan your strategy well, your customers will engage and even become online ambassadors for your brand. If you don’t, your messaging will become lost in the sea of competing information that reaches your potential customers daily. 

Offer Interaction, Not Information

Both customers and employees have moved much of their daily interactions online. This makes it even more important to build your company culture into remote interactions, says Eyal Gutentag, an expert in performance marketing strategy financial performance. Remote workers need to feel included in the company’s vision and to be able to interact and connect with their team. Your growth strategy must include creative ways to engage employees and contractors.

While customers are buying online more than ever, they want more than a transactional experience. Your customers want to form a relationship online. They want to be able to communicate with you and solve problems online. In return, they are happy to leave you positive reviews and to share your online content if you offer them the opportunity. 

Create Pull, Not Push

Traditional marketing begins by putting your name and product information out where the right prospect can see it. Now, with the massive reach of online media, seeing your message is no longer enough. Rather than push your content out where it is likely to be ignored or forgotten, a consult with a performance marketing leader can identify which messaging will create interest in your brand. 

Customers, especially if you market to businesses rather than consumers, are increasingly savvy to information that feels like a push. Promotional offers, webinars, and even free “lead magnets” are potentially ignored by those who are not already curious about what you have to offer. Instead, look for ways to create a pull – create an online experience that invites participants to log in, comment, or create their own posts on your theme. 

Start a Relationship

Customers are more likely to buy from brands they know, like, and trust – which is why much of online marketing traditionally focuses on getting your brand and messaging in front of more eyeballs. However, putting your message in front of people does no good if it isn’t memorable. The best way to create memorable content is to present a message that inspires people to take action. The action may be as simple as clicking “like,” sharing, following a link, or making a comment, but that action is the beginning of their relationship with your brand.

As your nurture your relationship with a potential customer, you can inspire them to take actions that move them closer to buying from you. They might join your mailing list, fill out an assessment that clarifies their needs, or download some information that can prepare them to work with you. Once they become your customer, your work is not finished. Show your new customer how to reach you online, and where to post a review so that more people like them can find the success that they’ve had. By focusing on building relationships, your online marketing will be remembered – and shared.

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