Great reasons to work with a professional personal trainer

Trying on some clothes you received the rude awakening that you have put on some weight and are a little tubby where you would prefer not to be. For what seems the umpteenth time you decide to do something about it.

Yes, you have shed a few pounds before by heading to the gym, but you have had lapsed memberships and joined other places only to fall by the wayside after a couple of months. Hey, you’re not alone, but this time you really want to go with it. It is now the time for you to enlist at personal training in Richmond. Here are many reasons why it’s a great idea.

  • Just meeting up with a personal trainer will hold you to some form of accountability. I mean nobody, likes losing face after giving up, which is so easy to do if you go it alone or with some less than dedicated friends who seem to spend more time on their phones than training.
  • In the past when you headed to the gym, you hardly saw any results because your programme wasn’t scheduled with proper goals. A trainer will set sensible achievable targets with you and make your workouts more efficient and effective.
  • You will be offered expert advice which will assist you with your general health. You may want advice on how to lift weights properly and a trainer can set you a plan to achieve this. The same for cardio work, as your professional aide will offer you the very best tuition.
  • A trainer will inspire you by setting weekly targets if you require them which will motivate you to reach the level set. Hearing a supporting voice when you achieve your aims will drive you onto the next level as your competitive spirit oozes from you.
  • If you head to the gym alone or even with friends you are likely to flirt from one exercise or workout machine to the next, often choosing the easy ones that you know do not challenge you fully. However, a personal trainer will start you off on the right road with workouts often based on the FITT principle, meaning frequency, intensity, time, and type of workout.
  • Your workouts will be monitored as you are taught properly, how to use different technology, and choosing which exercises, weights, sets, and reps will serve you the best as you build a trusting rapport together.
  • Your programme will be varied and interesting ensuring that boredom is eliminated from your routine. You might even fancy high intensity interval training. Who knows, your efforts might inspire you, give a team sport a go.
  • You might wish to use a personal trainer so that you can eventually go it alone, only now having been inspired by expert knowledge. But also knowing that another connection is always available if you need that helping support.

A personal trainer is a sure fire way that you stick to your guns and achieve your goals while being inspired by a knowledgeable supportive professional.

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