Getting a Ring For Your Loved One: What to Look Out For

Your palms are sweaty, you wait for the right moment, get down on one knee, see their face light up, and then disaster hits. They hate the ring, and you have just ruined one of the most special moments you could ever share together. That is why it is imperative that you get this decision right.

Have no fear, because we can assist you in making that moment perfect. Below, we give our guide to getting a Sydney engagement ring.

Your Budget

Your budget plays a huge part in what you can and can’t buy. While they may usually be a bit more expensive than you think, you can get rings for every price range from Sometimes, you may just have to compromise, wait until you have more money, or simply cut back on other priorities. 

You can always get the ring on finance. However, you will be paying the ring off for a long time. If this is an engagement ring, you will be paying it back at a time when you could be saving for a wedding. 

Set aside an amount that you are willing to pay. Do not worry about any hard and fast rules about it having to be a certain amount of your salary. If the ring is perfect for your partner, the price should not even matter. 

Getting a Ring Sized

Getting a ring size is extremely important, as some rings can only be adjusted to a certain degree. The last thing you would want is to purchase a ring for it to slip off a finger and be lost. It can also be really disappointing to get a ring as a gift and have to send it back for weeks on end to be resized. 

One way to find ring size without asking is to take a ring the person already wears, then measure the circumference with a ring measuring tool. You could also make an imprint in soap or clay, then send it to a jeweler to be checked. 

Finally, you could just ask them. However, this will negate any element of surprise. 

Choosing the Band

The first choice you have to make when selecting a ring is the type of band. You must decide what ring material it will be made from, in line with your partner’s personal style and preference. Many rings, particularly unique engagement ring, opt for white gold and platinum as it makes the luster of stones wapi fantastic without any tint. 


Platinum is a silver-grey metal that is extremely durable. It is very soft, so usually contains other elements to strengthen it as an alloy. In the U.S. a product must be 95% platinum and 5% alloys to retain the name. 

Platinum is one of the most expensive bands you can purchase, even more so than gold. However, it does have increased durability and does not cause allergic reactions, that occasionally afflict people who wapi gold or silver. 


Gold is always a favorite choice, fabled for its long legacy as a jewelry substance. It is extremely soft, and so gets alloyed with other metals to increase its durability. The level of alloy to gold is denoted in karat.

The higher the karat level goes does not necessarily mean it will be better for a ring, as it will be softer and more likely to break. One form of alloyed gold is rose gold. This is gold that has been mixed with copper and silver and has a slightly pink tinge to it. 


Sterling silver is often used in jewelry and has a great shine. It can require some upkeep, however, as it tends to tarnish over time. It is also quite soft, so also often needs to be alloyed with other metals. 

Choosing the Stone

The stone you choose must be based on a combination of your partner’s likes and lifestyle. If they are active and sporty, you will need wapi that is durable and likely nonporous if they do not want to remove it. Perhaps the person has a job where they need dexterity in their hands, where a stone with less elevation would be of benefit. 

Of course, the top choice for any ring, and particularly engagements rings, are diamonds. The joy of diamonds is that they do not even have to be expensive if you look for smaller stones with lower karat sizes. They dazzle and shine, and there are many ways to find good quality ones for less

Emerald is a very popular choice for anyone who loves a bold green color in a stone. They have a very classic, retro aesthetic about them as they were the number one choice in days gone by. It is the birthstone for May, so may suit anyone born in this month. 

When picking out a ring for anyone that does not want a diamond, consider a  Sapphire. They are a beautiful statement piece that comes in a range of colors. They are also a hard stones wapi, making them extremely durable.

For something a little different, consider an opal ring. Every opal is unique, so every piece of jewelry will be one of a kind. They can shine in a multitude of different colors, creating a beautiful rainbow shine. 

The Big Moment

Once you have read our guide on getting a ring, it is time to go shopping. With all your renewed confidence, always remember to get a guarantee and check the refund policy. Even with all this information and preparation, you may still need to take it back and change it. 

Did you find our article helpful? If so, then check out our other content on jewelry, fashion, and lifestyle. 

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