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Get Your Body Bikini Ready with a Butt Mask

During cold, dark winters, it’s easy to find yourself daydreaming about warmer weather. After months of snow, many of us are dying to trade in our fireside hot chocolate with marshmallows for a poolside cocktail with a mini umbrella. As the temperatures rise, though, the layers of clothing start coming off, and you probably like to prepare a bit mentally or physically for those skimpier clothing styles before the time comes. If you’re a strong believer in “sun’s out, buns out,” you may want to consider adding a butt mask to your bikini-prep routine.

The Importance of Your Bikini Bottom

No body-shaming here, every butt is beautiful, whether it’s flat, big, small, has stretch-marks or cellulite, or anything in between. Every body is a bikini body. However, the occasional blemish, dry skin, or irritation that occurs on the skin of your face can also occur on your bum. It’s easy to overlook your backside when making your checklist of things to take care of skincare-wise since it is, well, behind you. But you should never underestimate the power of a smooth, plump, and hydrated booty. Chances are, during a long cold winter your booty has been in sweats, leggings and jeans, where it isn’t exactly in the public eye. To have some fun in the sun in those higher temperatures, though, you’re going to be showing a bit more skin.

In recent history, it is evident that butts are having “a moment.” If you’re on social media, you’ve maybe stumbled across plenty of various exercises, strange contraptions, and even supplements that promise to beef up your cheeks. All of the hottest trends in swimwear have been focused on one star of the show; The Booty. If you want to rock those cute high-cut or thong-style bikini bottoms, you should definitely give that booty some TLC. 

The Magic of the Butt Mask

When you’re getting ready for bikini season, there is probably a different skincare routine you’re following for the rest of your body. The changes in weather, temperature, and humidity can all affect your skin differently, and you may find that you find yourself presented with different skin issues depending on the season; the same person who has acne flare-ups and oily skin in the summer can have red, irritated skin in the winter. Many get dryer, rougher hands, and may even need a different moisturizer for their face as temperatures drop. It’s no secret that your skin is your body’s first line of defense to the outdoor conditions, and your butt is no exception to this rule. 

With a butt mask, you can heal the often overlooked skin of your rear end. Some of the most common complaints of skin problems on butts across the world are a build-up of dead skin, dehydration, and lessened elasticity. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it always serves as a good indicator of overall health and wellbeing. If you’re a fan of doing a good face mask to detox after going a little hard on the fries (again, no judgment, who doesn’t love a deep-fried potato), a butt mask is definitely right up your alley.

With a clay butt mask (like the one linked earlier), you can detoxify, purify, plump, and hydrate all at once. Bonus points for natural, clean ingredients that are mild and skin-healthy, because skin irritation and hormone disruption pretty much defeats the purpose. With easy application, all you have to do is apply to your cheeks and surrounding areas, relax for 15 minutes, and wash off with warm water. 

As bikini season approaches, take a deep breath, hydrate, and don’t forget your butt. After all it’s done for you, it deserves some attention.

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