Wow Classic – An Introduction to Racial and Class Mounts

If getting the knowledge on WoW mounts in the game is on your checklist, then be sure to read on. 

When it comes to mounts in World of Warcraft Classic, we are looking at some of the more difficult aspects of the game. The reason for this is that mounts often set you back a fair amount of WoW Classic gold, and you may be limited in the choices that you have depending on your race. However, here is how you can get your hands on your respective race and class mounts in the game. 

Racial WoW Classic Mounts

Once you have gotten past level 40, if can then purchase a WoW mount that is relevant to your race. At level 60, you can do so again with faster skills available to you. The World of Warcraft mount that you get depends on the kind of character that you choose. 

Starting with Humans, we will be getting horses which you can get from Eastvale Logging Camp near Elywynn Forest. You can buy the horse from Katie Hunter, and you will find Randal Hunter nearby who can train you to ride the horse too. 

Meanwhile, if you chose the Orc, then you will be getting wolves from Ogurnaro Wolfrunner. You will find this location in Ogrimmar’s Valley of Honor, where Kildar is also residing nearby so you can be trained in wolf riding when you are ready. Night Elves on the other hand opt for sabers, and you will need to head to the portal that leads to Ruth’ven Village in the Cenarion Enclave. You should be in an area known as Darnassus, where you can purchase the big cat from Lelanai, as well as learn to ride them in the same area courtesy of Jartsam. 

For Undead, it seems fitting that you get undead horses. You can buy these near the Ruins of Lordaeron in Brill. Purchase your undead horse from Zachariah Post, and Velma Warnam will teach you everything about riding them. Dwarves on the other hand use rams, that you can get from Veron Amberstill over at Amsterstill Ranch. The ranch can be found in Dun Morogh, which isn’t far from Kharanos in case you are struggling to find it. The same area houses Ultham Ironhorn, who will show you all you need to know about riding the rams. 

Trolls next, who rather excitingly get to ride raptors. These are bought in Sen’jin Village from Zjolnir, and you will be learning to ride the raptors from Xar’Ti here. If you have chosen the Gnome, then mechanostriders are your choice of WoW mounts, which you can purchase from Milli Featherwhistle over in Kharanos. Binjy Featherwhistle meanwhile will teach you to pilot these mechanostriders, which look like big robotic ostriches if you had to describe them. Finally, we have the Tauren which gets the large lizard hybrids known as kodos. These are sold in Bloodhoof Village by Harb Clawhoof, and Kar Stormsinger in the town nearby will show you how to ride a kodos. 

Getting Class WoW Classic Mounts

After hitting level 40, you can earn WoW mounts through quests if you are playing as a Warlock or Paladin. If you are a level 40 Paladin, then you can get the warhorse. This is only available to the Alliance because the Horde doesn’t have access to Paladins in this rendition. You can get started by heading over to Duthorian Rall in Stormwind City Cathedral who will give you “The Tome of Nobility” quest. Speak to him again to get the Summon Warhorse spell, so summon it and you’re good to go. 

Meanwhile, Warlocks focus on the felsteed. After you get to level 40, you will need to go to Strahad Farsan near Ratchet in the Barrens. Should you happen to be one of the Alliance Warlocks, you can simply go to Booty Bay and take the ship to Ratchet to access the quest easily. Once you accept the quest and turn it in, a fire-dwelling horse should be all yours. 

So whichever race or class you play as, you now know how to get yourself a WoW Classic mount in the game. Some of these WoW Classic mounts are particularly large too, so don’t be expecting them to fit in your WoW Classic bags. If you have managed to rack up some WoW Classic gold, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble in obtaining them. That being said, those that are obtained outside of questing will often set you back if you don’t go in financially prepared. Keep that in mind as you progress, and you will do just fine. 

Have you obtained your WoW Classic mount yet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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