Get an Insight into Water Villas in The Maldives

If you are a beach lover and are looking to book your summer holiday somewhere stunning, look no further than The Maldives, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. You might be wondering what a water villa is and in this short article, we offer a few details about this unique way to holiday in the sun. Basically, a water villa is a luxury property that sits just above the waterline and when we say luxury, we mean it!

Private Pool

Yes sir, when you reserve one of the best water villas in The Maldives, you have your very own private pool where you can relax and enjoy your favourite cocktails. Live like a millionaire for a few weeks and recharge your batteries; check availability and book online, as these 5-star water villas are usually booked first. If you decide to have a dip in the sea, you have outside showers and the pool offers a way to cool down during the hot day hours. A cool evening dip is the perfect way to prepare for dinner, which is served up by your exclusive waiting staff.

En-Suite Bathrooms as Standard

When you book a luxury water villa, en-suite bathrooms are standard, with a spacious design that includes an oversize copper water tub, where you can soak for hours at a time. As you would expect, stylish and elegant European fixtures and fittings adorn the villa, making sure that you feel like royalty during your stay.

Cable TV

Hundreds of channels are available on your huge flat-screen TV, so you won’t have to miss that vital game your team has coming up; get your news from CNN or BBC and whenever you fancy watching an epic movie, Netflix awaits! Even though you are relaxing at a 5-star villa in the middle of the Indian Ocean, you can still be connected, with hi-speed Internet that allows you to livestream with friends back home; make your work colleagues jealous as you enjoy your water villa.

Dedicated Service

Just as you would expect with a luxury water villa, you can order food and drink round the clock and with an extensive menu that includes various cuisines, you can enjoy the best food and drink. When on holiday, you are not a slave to time and it makes sense to have 24/7 service to cater for your every whim. If you are planning a honeymoon in The Maldives, click here.

Bose Hi-Fi & High-Speed Internet

Nothing but the best for you when you book a 5-star water villa in The Maldives; load your MP3 playlists and you don’t have to worry about the neighbours, as you are in a secluded spot. Your business shouldn’t be totally ignored while you’re living like a king and with free Wi-Fi, you can manage your work.

If you have to visit The Maldives, it is an experience best enjoyed in a luxury water villa at one of the premier resorts. Don’t delay, book now while there are still vacancies, the best water villas soon become fully booked, especially in high season.

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