Foraging in the Future: Fortnite’s Leaked PVE Survival Mode

A big, or rather, epic day is coming for Epic’s Battle Royale shooter phenomenon. Yes, Fortnite Daybreak is coming, and it’s got quite a few surprises. And according to the leaks, it seems like the game, in order to keep evolving, has returned to its roots. That means there’s no better time to look for a Fortnite Account with Free V-Bucks than now. 

Two Fortnights from Now: Daybreak

A few days ago, Fortnite received its 16.40 patch. Datamined from the patch are references to an “open world simulation sandbox”. This confirms what leaker and Twitter user Hypex teased a week ago. Called Daybreak, it’s going to be an entirely separate mode where players will be placed on a different map. There, they will have to not just survive its monster inhabitants, but also kill them to gather the necessary items from them. On top of that, players also have to gather resources as well. This is so that they can survive long enough until they fix a broken helicopter to escape the island. 

As Per Court Documents 

This particular early reveal wouldn’t have happened if not for the Epic Games versus Apple lawsuit. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Fortnite’s developer and publisher took one of the biggest tech companies in the world to court because the studio and publisher felt like Apple requiring them to go through the App Store and a 30% cut of their profits from any Apple product is too much, and that it’s one of the factors that drive the costs of items from the Fortnite Item Shop. Epic Games argues that if not for that exorbitant cut, Epic Games would be able to give better deals, especially those that are on iOS devices. 

Epic Games has also argued that it’s unfair how Apple has a monopoly on iOS devices, as the company has required developers have to go through the App Store. This has forced them to not only pay the 30% cut, but also stifled competition within its device’s ecosystem by preventing them from selling in their own storefronts. As counter to this, Apple said that Epic Games has released Fortnite on multiple platforms, so they cannot be considered as a monopoly.

Gamers can’t be expected to follow the legal developments of such a complicated, highly technical, and lengthy case, but they are very much glad that the case is churning out memes as well as leaks. Apart from the one we’ve already mentioned, there are a few other leaks that came about due to the trial. 

Coming Full Circle 

On a more related note, other leaks include a log cabin, three weapons: the assault rifle, primary bow, and makeshift bow. While some felt like these things could be connected to the leaked survival mode, and that it’s possible that Season 6 has a hunting and survival theme. 

Exciting as it may be, Daybreak, however, is not Fortnite’s first foray into that particular territory. In fact, Fortnite is originally supposed to be within that territory. Remember when we said that Fortnite went full circle with Daybreak? That’s because Fortnite didn’t exactly start as a Battle Royale game. In fact, the original game that inspired the craze is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, AKA PUBG. 

As the game got more popular, many other studios decided to follow suit. Among them is Epic Games, which, at the time, had the original Fortnite, which was a cartoonish zombie shooter. Lucky for them, Fortnite Battle Royale eventually managed to outshine PUBG and became a huge part of not just gaming but pop culture as a whole. 

Going back, while a zombie shooter doesn’t automatically relate to a game being PVE, Epic Games definitely considers it as such. After all, zombies are kind of like monsters in games with PVE: AI-driven enemies that players can team up with one another to take on them. 

If you’re curious, then you can buy the Robo-Ray Pack, which includes the original PVE game. But considering how much the Battle Royale spinoff has grown, the original now feels like more of an add-on, and that it’s not as good as other zombie shooters. Nevertheless, it’s very much worth a try, especially if you’re tired of either losing or getting chicken dinners without breaking a sweat. Think of it this way; you buy the Robo-Ray skin and you get a free mode that you might as well give a spin. 

Fortnite has become so big that instead of revamping its original PVE experience, it launches a new one instead. Will it be better though? Hopefully. After all, Fortnite wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did if it didn’t keep improving. 

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