As the market is flourishing right now with now and then a new broker trying to set its foot in the market and with more and more people coming forward to take part in this whole market trading it is important to have knowledge about the forex list or at least some basic information about where and how to get started. So in that addition through this article we are going to see some detailed information about a few companies and how to get started.

Everything matters a lot in trading business specially the knowledge that you have related to trading and the research related to forex company where you are about to invest. Because just like your money may give you higher returns or a huge profit. Also, remember that it might disappear too. In case of these Brokers, it is important to know if they are reliable or not, else one might get scammed. That is why a thorough research , analysis and insight is appreciated a lot in this field. To teach beginners about it almost all the reliable brokers offer a whole different education section which consists of various webinars, seminars, video lectures and it guides a person regarding trade and investment.

The minimum deposit value varies broker to broker. Some have as low as 30$ whereas majority have it around 250$. The companies can also be judged on the basis of the ease at which one is able to open their account and invest. Whether their platform is user friendly or not, or the website uses advanced tools to help its customers matters a lot. The more information you give to your customers in hand, the more will be your reliability. Though I have stated some basic features that every broker should take care of in these advancing times of technology, being accessible at one click matters a lot. So, being accessible through mobile phone or web browser eases a customer and it is a positive sign. Well, there are multiple factors through which we can judge but before giving you the list of some top brokers i would like to add that the customer care or what we can say is the customer services matters a lot. If you are able to solve the problem of your investor on time and satisfy their questions because nothing else matters more than a satisfied customer.

Below are the names of some 5 starrer companies along with the name of their platform they run in:

Broker Name:

UPTOS                MT5

TradersHome       MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal, MT5 Web Trader, Android Trader, iOS Trader

Nixse                   MT5

LBLV                   MetaTrader 5 (Compatible with iOS and Android), WebTrader  

ProfitiX                MetaTrader 5, MT5 for Android/iOS, MT5 WebTrader

FUNDIZA ltd        MetaTrader5

AussieTrust        Proprietary  

Vlom                   MT5

As I have already mentioned the major factors one needs to consider before making a choice and now i would like to conclude by once again reminding that from the 24/5 availability of the customer services to the reliability over the Broker, from hassle-free creation of account to a comprehensible platform that user can understand, everything matters here equally here be it simple profit making or teaching the beginners about market. Choose wisely!   

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