Food Industry Deeds Are Unimaginable Without Truckers

Since the introduction of food trucks, the food industry has been flourishing with these tiny mobile restaurants in Dubai. 

Initially being only 1 or 2 in number, today, 60 food trucks in Dubai offer fantastic food cuisines from all over the world. There are dedicated ‘food truck parks’ and places that house a significant number of such trucks like the Kite Beach and the Last Exit.

Let’s discuss a few aspects that have helped food trucks to flourish in Dubai.

The growing popularity of street food culture

In the UAE and especially Dubai, there’s been a sharp increase in the popularity of street food for the past two years. 

The general masses enjoy eating it, and over time, it has become a staple food for the localities. There are various companies that provide pick up food truck rental services so as to allow the common man to open his dream restaurant at the corner of his house. 

Due to their Hygiene 

A street food features a counter through which the kitchen is visible. 

You can watch your food getting cooked right in front of you and thus ensure its hygiene as per your satisfaction. 

Due to their Accessibility 

Food trucks in Dubai offer restaurant-level grab-and-go food that is also very delicious. If you’re busy and have no time to go to those cafés or restaurants, you can pass your car by your favorite food truck and grab an excellent, filling dish. 

They are immensely accessible. It’s the reason why street food has now become a staple for the local office goers. 

Due to their Affordability 

Street food is undoubtedly very much affordable as compared to those fancy, seven-star restaurants. And the best part is, they offer high-quality fresh food, just like a restaurant, in an even better ambiance. 

Where on the one hand, eating at a well-reputed restaurant daily at Dubai can cost you a fortune where food trucks offer high-quality food that you can eat customary without cutting a hole in your pocket. There are various logistics companies that are coming forward to support these budding restaurants that are turning to be the lifeline of the cities. 

Due to the Authentic Food Experience

Street food is authentic, and it is indeed a reflection of the culture. 

Unlike the complicated and inauthentic food at fine-dine restaurants, chefs inside these food trucks make local and original delicacies. 

Diversity of Cuisine

Dubai is home to varied nationalities. This diversity is reflected in the wide variety of cuisines that are offered at these mobile restaurants. From Indian and Chinese to Italian and French, you can enjoy all kinds of cuisines here, especially during the great food festivals. 

People in Dubai resort to the food truck business, not just for a source of income, but also since there are passionate chefs in those kitchens who put a lot of creativity in their food. This visibly results in a great variety of food options to choose from.

Due to their Appealing and Unique Decorations

The design and decorations of a food truck is a prominent reason for its popularity as it is the eye-catchiness of a mobile restaurant that attracts the customer.

From indoor terrace to vintage looking trucks, designers have been coming up with the most creative models they can be. The graphics, stickers, and spray-painted artworks are a delight to watch and form a perfectly picturesque spot for you to have your meal.

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