Following a social media tipster: your FAQs answered

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Regular users of social media will already know there is no shortage of opinions on professional sports. These come in many different forms, from the casual fan voicing their opinion on the latest results or transfers to the avid supporter rhyming คาสิโนออนไลน์ off stats, facts and figures. It could be the soccer fan on Twitter or the NFL enthusiast on Instagram. There’s room for all sports fans on social media and this has paved the way for a new age of sportswriters, pundits, and experts.

Access your favourite social media platform and you won’t be scrolling for long before you come across the growing trend of professional betting tipsters. These are the accounts that promise to help you beat the bookies by providing you with researched, well-balanced, and reliable picks. The aim of these accounts is to help you earn extra cash by following predictions, placing bets at the leading online gambling apps like Betus casino and sportsbook

Navigating a minefield

Is it worth following a social media sportsbook betting tipster and, if so, how do you choose the right one for you? There are some great and knowledgeable tipping sites on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but, unfortunately, for every good tipster, there are hundreds of rogue accounts. The unreliable ones aren’t out to boost your bank balance by providing great betting tips, they are there to separate you from your hard-earned cash. 

So, you see, following a social media tipster is a minefield. Most sports fans choose simply to avoid these types of accounts, simply scrolling past the posts promising big wins and sticking with their own bets, even if they aren’t very good. That approach is perfectly understandable as there are plenty of horror stories attached to social media tipsters but when writing them all off, you deny yourself the good tipsters. 

The accounts that can live up to the hype and help you make a profit from watching and betting on sports competitions like the NFL, NHL, Kentucky Derby, Premier League, and Wimbledon. There’s a skill to picking the right sports betting tipster and, in this article, we share our experiences and knowledge with you. Read on as we answer your frequently asked questions relating to following a social media tipster.

This article explains what you should look out for when searching for a social media sportsbook tipster.

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Are all social media tipsters frauds?

You’ll find that there are more fraudulent sports betting tipsters than reliable ones – far more, in fact – but there are a few great tipsters.  A good account will provide you with well-researched and intelligent picks on major sports free of charge. 

To make it easier to find a good account, avoid all the tipsters that promise to make you rich from betting, sell “fixed” matches or claim to have inside information from the stable, team or coach. More often than not, these accounts will end up costing you far more cash than they’ll earn you.

How do I find the right tipster?

Research is key. Find a promising tipster and follow their picks without staking any of your own cash. Play for fun but keep track of how much you would have spent if you were betting. Let’s say you put a $10 stake on every prediction they made during a sagame 66

At the end of that period, tally up your profit and loss. You’ll then have a better understanding of how the tipster works and if they are worth following for real cash. It’s then up to you if you want to stick with this tipster and place bets or start again with a different account.

How much should I pay a tipster?

Never pay an online tipster – and here’s why. If they were as good as they claim to be, taking as much cash from the bookies as they say, why would they need a small monthly subscription from you? The short answer is, they wouldn’t.

Surely, if they were a fountain of sports betting knowledge, they would be getting by just fine from their predictions and wouldn’t require the contests of your wallet to help them continue to make winning picks. As soon as you see an account promise guarantee wins and charge you a subscription the alarm bells should start ringing.

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