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Follow These 4 Simple Steps To Make Your Cake!!

Wherever there is a celebration, you have to buy a birthday cake with an online cake delivery or offline. They go side by side. Celebration cakes go along best with occasions like weddings and birthdays and anniversaries. There is always a perfect cake for your perfect day, just to match the occasion’s theme perfectly with a special customized touch.

These days there are celebration cakes designed in the most exquisite and novel styles as the art of cake preparation comes into vogue. Today we have cakes specially made for kids, boys or girls; there are cakes for any happy occasion that deserves a celebration. Celebration cakes have a certain allure that appeals to everyone.

Fine detailing

The cake designs are made more artistic by the fine detailing that goes into them. And whether it be modern or traditional style, celebration cakes bring colour and flavour to grace the occasion. Size also matters at the same time. Whether you want: one-tier, two-tier, three-tier, or four-tier, they are there for your asking. Well-styled cakes that match the event’s subject are ideal pieces, such as for a wedding reception, where your guests will be surprised and delighted. These days, chocolate cakes have caught on people’s fancy, and they are increasing in order cake online. Celebration cakes were made in an all-chocolate delight also makes for a sumptuous dessert on the dining table.

If you don’t have a bundle of cash to spend on a professionally made cake, consider making your own, and make it affordable. Creating a beautiful cake for your event is very easy. The steps below will help you to brainstorm ideas for your own cheap and lovely cake. Remember, it’s all about having fun, so start early and work toward the cake of your dreams. Wondering what you’ll feed your guests? Bake sheet cakes! This option means you’ll be able to bake several different sheet cakes and serve them up to your guests, providing your loved ones with delicious cake, and you’ll get to keep a lastingly beautiful memento of the occasion.

1-Pick the shape and size

First, decide on what shape and size you’d like your cake to be. It may help to get a quote from a bakery so that you’ll know what size of cake they would make for your event. You can also use this as an opportunity to brainstorm ideas for the look of your cake.

When you’ve decided on the size and shape of your cake, pay a visit to your local craft store. You’ll need to buy Styrofoam for each tier of your cake. You may want to buy a large sheet and cut it down yourself or look for ovals or squares of foam. Also, purchase supplies for decorating your cake (flowers, beads, stencils and paint, plastic cake tiers, etc…)

2-Cut the cake

Using baking pans or cardboard cut-outs, measure out and cut the Styrofoam to the shape and depth you want for your cake. Insert toothpicks or dowel rods between the levels of your cake so they’ll stick together without sliding around.

3-Coordinate the cake

Select a couple of colours that match the look of your celebration theme. You’ll want to make a fondant to cover your Styrofoam cake form. Since you won’t be eating this cake, you can create a fondant without worrying about the taste. Just practice this a couple of times to get a thick fondant that will cover the entire cake form of uniform colour.


Again, since you won’t be eating this online birthday cake, you have ultimate freedom when deciding what you want to put on it for decoration. Consider decorating your cake by pressing glass beads or flowers into the fondant. You can paint your cake with icing or even use spray-on colour. A stencil may be helpful here to create a professional-looking design. Always save yourself some fondant so you can cover any mistakes, and remember, if you damage this cake beyond repair, you can always pull the fondant off and start over.

Choices are endless. For example, you may have a lovely spray of sugar flowers, or you could use your favourite activity as a motif for the cake, such as gardening. For such a theme, a plethora of floral patterns might be on display. What about royal cakes, such as those found on the opulent dining tables of royal courts? Go to the websites of the cake bakers to place an online order for a regal celebration fit for huge business events.

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