Five steps you might not have thought of before going traveling

Going traveling is an idea that many people dream of but it can take more than a little organizing. 

If you’re planning an epic trip of a few months or more, there are a few steps you should take before you go to make sure you get the most of your adventure.

When you set off to explore new places you don’t want to be worrying about life back home, so a little organization at the outset will certainly pay off.

Planning to go traveling takes a lot of thought, from where you are going to go, to how you will get there, to where you will stay, and what budget you will need—it’s a lot to consider.

To help with the process, here are five processes to put in place at home before embarking on your trip of a lifetime.

Autopay your bills

If you are still going to need to make regular payments while you are away, it makes sense to set up autopay for them so you can go away knowing you won’t need to remember to make payments each month, or face returning home to huge debt.

Make arrangements for your mail

While you’re away, you are likely to still be getting mail so to keep it all secure, it makes sense to set up a forwarding address. This will redirect your mail from a permanent address to a temporary address of your choice for up to one year. All you need to do is ask a friend or relative you trust if you can forward it all to them so they can keep it safe for you return.

Put your belongings into storage

Instead of paying rent on a property you’re not going to be living in, or having to get rid of all of your possessions before heading out on the road, it makes better sense to simply put everything you wish to return to into storage.

To avoid damage to your items and to protect them from extreme temperatures and changes in humidity, opt for climate-controlled storage. To learn more about climate storage visit the StorageArea website.

Notify your bank

If your bank cards suddenly start getting used all over the world, this may get flagged up with your bank as suspicious activity, which will mean your cards get stopped.

To avoid this happening, contact your bank and give them a list of countries you plan to visit so they know it’s you using your card, not a fraudster.

Pack a first-aid kit

There are a few items you will be grateful to have close to hand when dealing with minor emergencies when you are on your travels.

It is recommended your first-aid kit should contain as a minimum: Band-Aids, some medical gloves, bandages, wound dressings, a roll of surgical tape, antibacterial cream, and wipes and antihistamines.

All of these preparations will seem pretty mundane when considering all the exciting places you will be heading to, but getting everything sorted before setting foot onto the plane means you can concentrate on enjoying your trip knowing there’s nothing to worry about back home.

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