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Fire and Water Restoration

The term “fire and water” refers to two different types of services offered. These are services that provide protection for people, homes, structures, and so on, by extinguishing flames and providing cleaning solutions, such as deodorizing solutions and removing muck from the carpet. In terms of water damage, this is usually remediation of water damage caused by overflowing gutters or sewage backup from broken pipes. Fire restoration is a service that puts out fires that have already started by extinguishing the flame and by removing the soot that has accumulated. These are the most important services provided by fire and water restoration services.

As a rule, all fire and water restoration service companies use chlorine as a disinfectant. This chemical compound is effective in eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold spores, and bacteria. It is also capable of killing bacteria that may have been surviving in the waters that the fire broke out in. Chlorine, added to the water, vaporizes quickly, making it impossible for the soot and fire particles to remain in the air. The water that is brought in to help put out the fire is also free from bacteria and other harmful contaminants.

Before the cleanup of fire-damaged properties can begin, sanitize the area with antibacterial soaps and sprays. The use of deodorizers is also important so that no one can get ill from exposure to the foul smell. Most fire and water services also offer cleaners for carpets and floors that have been affected by the fire. These should be used liberally to get rid of any remaining bacteria that may have survived after the cleanup of the area.

All of these sanitary supplies should be brought into the fire and water restoration franchise where the damage was done. This would be the restoration company’s job. However, there is a possibility that someone in the building might be contaminated. It would be prudent for the owner of the building to allow for proper treatment of these people as well. Contact fire and water restoration franchises or Contact experts to learn more about the services they offer.

One important thing to remember when dealing with fire and water damage is the need for safety. No one should be trying to clean up a fire or water leak without protective gear such as rubber gloves and eye goggles. It is recommended that this gear be worn at all times, not just during clean-up but before the cleanup too. This is especially true if there are small children in the home.

Fire and water damage restoration is a delicate task, not to mention dangerous. Fire technicians are specially trained to handle situations such as these. However, cleaning up a fire or water leak requires an equal level of expertise. Therefore, it is advisable to leave the cleanup in the hands of licensed professionals. Contact water damage restoration Denver experts for your restoration needs.

In fire and water emergencies, the smoke and water may have reached the ceiling of a building. Water extraction requires the careful coordination of a water extraction team as well as a fire restoration team. Fire and water damage technicians are equipped with the equipment needed to safely bring water and fire damage down to the property in question.

As soon as the fire or water spills begin, the first step is to stop the spread by using fans, air conditioners, and heating systems. The area should be cleared as much as possible, including furniture and other belongings. Drying the area out is important so that the water will not spread. Smoke is also difficult to remove so keeping the area dark and well ventilated is important. Contact fire and water restoration franchises to find out what services they offer to help you during these difficult times.

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