Finding the best bread maker in Malaysia

Most people are eating bread at least once a day since it is convenient and easy to eat. However, sometimes people find that the local grocery store or retailer does not have the bread they want. Also for health reasons, they may want to have control over the ingredients which are used for making the bread they eat. Hence most families would like to purchase a suitable bread maker that will allow them to make the bread they want. So these buyers would like to find out the brands of bread maker in Malaysia, the features of the different appliances, and how to select a suitable bread maker.

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Bread loaf size

One of the important specifications of a bread maker is the capacity of the bread maker. Since it takes approximately one hour or even more to make bread, the user would like to make a large loaf of bread, so that all family members can eat the bread for at least one day. Usually the bread maker should have the capacity of making a loaf of weight at least 500 grams. It is better to choose a bread maker with additional options for making bread, the user should be able to increase the loaf size to 750 grams, or 1000 grams, depending on whether there are guests or the bread is being used for more days.

Types of breads

Another feature of the bread maker is the options for making different types of breads. There are different types of breads like savory, sweet, gluten-free, white, whole wheat, pre-mixed and French, and it should be possible to easily choose the type of bread being made. The temperature and baking time for each bread will vary. The crust of the bread can also vary, it can be light, dark or medium. In some cases, the user wants a fresh loaf of bread quickly, so it is better to purchase a bread maker with an express bake function which will help in making the bread in less than one hour.

User interface

To make it easy for the user to choose the type of bread which he wishes to bake, the bread maker should have a suitable user interface. Usually the bread maker will have touch screen buttons for each bread type, so that he can select the right option easily. It is also easier to clean the touch screen interface if anything spills on it. Additionally it is better to choose a bread maker with a LED or LCD which will provide details of the settings, timer, function selected and error messages if any, so that the user can find it if the bread is being baked properly.

bread maker


Buyers should prefer bread makers whose body is made from stainless steel or aluminum, since they do not get corroded easily. The touch screen pad for selecting the functions should be dark preferably black in color, so stains and dirt marks are not easily visible. Usually the bread makers with more features are heavier in weight and also more expensive. It is advisable to purchase a bread maker with a warranty of at least one year.

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