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Essential Supplies for Your Above Ground Pool This Summer

Aboveground pools are the perfect compromise for staying cool this summer. No major construction projects to tear up your yard, but you can still cool off during the hottest days of the season. It is important to remember that just like any pool, obtaining and keeping it clean is not just a single purchase. 

There is a list of supplies you should purchase that are necessary to keep it balanced and clean. A lot of supplies on the market claim to be essential to a healthy pool. So, what accessories and equipment do you really need? Let’s take a look!

Chemicals and Test Strips 

There are a few different chemicals necessary for proper upkeep. Maintaining the water varies depending on what region you live in and water quality. Temperature and particles in the air change what kinds of chemicals you need and how much of each. Not properly balancing your chemicals can lead to algae growth or cloudy water. Click here to learn more about what causes a cloudy pool and how to fix it. 

To test what kind and how much of each chemical you need, you need test strips. These quality test strips can be bought at about any pool supply store. They usually come in packs varying from 10 to 50. The strips are separated into sections that change color after they have been dipped in the water. The sections are then compared to the control strip that shows the color they are supposed to be when properly balanced. These strips normally test chlorine levels, and water hardness.

Chlorine Float 

Looking back on summers spent playing in the pool as kids, many of us can remember the round blue or white objects that just always seemed to be floating around. Those objects did in fact have a purpose. The floaters are called chlorine floats. Its job is to literally float the chlorine through the water so it doesn’t destroy the pool liner. It also ensures the chemical is evenly distributed throughout the water. 

These floats can come equipped with thermometers and cup holders to create make them a more versatile, multipurpose tool. Brands have started making them more fun to look at, as well. You can get a shark, a sea turtle, and even a rubber duck chlorine float. 


A vacuum is an important part of keeping everything nice and clean. There are two basic types of vacuums, one that collects debris already settled on the floor and one that collects debris that hasn’t settled yet. The one that collects settled debris can connect to your utility pole and can be directed around the pool. The other is better suited for an inground pool, connecting to the jet of water returning from the pool pump. The vacuums can sometimes seem a little pricy, but discount above ground pool accessories are fairly easy to come across. It makes it easier to take care of your pool without breaking the bank. 

Utility Pole and Skimmer

The utility pole is a telescoping pole that can attach to different items and accessories. This saves space and money by having one pole with interchangeable heads. One of the most necessary heads is a skimmer, which is a square or rectangle with netting attached to it. It is used to remove debris from the top of the water like bugs, leaves, and other plant matter. It can also be used to scoop up larger chunks from the bottom. 


Believe it or not, different types of cover are necessary depending on the season. During the summer, a solar cover is lovely to protect from debris and keep things at a manageable temperature. These covers are best for keeping the water warm in shady areas. In direct sunlight, it can get too warm and cause accelerated algae growth, making more work for you. 

In the offseason, a winter cover is necessary to keep the pool closed and protected from snow, ice, and other precipitation. They are opaque, not letting any light through to keep algae from growing. Keeping the water dark minimizes the amount of work you have to complete when it’s time to reopen for the summer season. A winter pillow is a great addition to the cold season cover, redirecting ice expansion and keeping it from damaging the pool walls. Visit to learn more about how a winter pillow works.

Toys and Floaties  

Of course, what is a pool without all the fun stuff? Don’t forget to stock up on games, toys, floaties, and more. Some items to consider are:

  • Floating basketball is always a crowd favorite
  • Diving toys keep both kids and adults entertained
  • Floaties are great for relaxing
  • Floating drink holders ensure you never go thirsty
  • Waterproof Bluetooth speaker keeps the atmosphere lively without worrying about your electronics near the water
  • Canopy shade to protect delicate skin or little ones from the harsh sun
  • Waterproof LEDs make a night swim more magical
  • Footbath helps keep the water clean by rinsing feet before climbing in 

Whatever you choose, just remember to have fun and enjoy staying cool this summer!

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