Essential Advice When Preparing To Have a Second Baby.

Many parents after having their first child feel that they know everything that there is to know and so when they learn that they are pregnant for a second time, then they are not really worried. What they don’t realise however is that not every pregnancy is the same and so how your first baby behaved when brought into this new world shouldn’t be seen as what is going to happen with your second baby. Your family is going to grow in numbers and now you won’t have to look after one child but two. This makes the job so much harder because before you only had one kid to deal with and to take care of.

Now that your second pregnancy is upon you, there are still many things to learn and so the people that you asked advice from before when you had your first child, you should turn to again to get an idea of what is going to happen during your second pregnancy. There are a number of things that might make sense to put into place and the following are just some of those.

  • Tell your first kid – If a few years have passed since your first pregnancy then it’s likely that your first kid will understand what you’re trying to tell them. Having a new baby coming into the new house and then having a baby shower can be a huge change for the firstborn because until then, they were getting all of the attention from everyone in the house. Now they need to get an idea of what lies ahead and so you need to explain to them that you will not be able to spend the vast majority of your time with them so much anymore. It will be your job to get your kid excited about this new addition to the family and to make the transition an easy one.
  • Reuse what was used before – You might be tempted to get out there and onto the high Street and start buying new clothes and other accessories like bottles and nipples for your new child. Try to resist the temptation and this will help to save you a lot of money and time. You’ve already bought everything that you could possibly need for a new baby already and so don’t be afraid to use the same things again.
  • Try to stay positive – You now have at least another eight months carrying a new baby around and you’re going to feel all of the same things that you felt before like morning sickness and your hormones will be up and down throughout your pregnancy. It is important that you try to stay focused on the positives of having another baby and this new kid will be providing a new brother or sister for the firstborn and that’s great news.

When you start to have some negative thoughts, remember that this new child will have a big brother or sister to look up to and they will always have their back.

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