Entertainment industry tech advances for 2021

Each year brings new opportunities to get things done faster and better to give end-users the most enjoyable and fun experience. This has had a particular impact on the entertainment industry, which has dramatically transformed over the past decades. The previous year, which, due to the lack of freedom of movement, influenced the research and improvement of new platforms and multimedia content, made the entertainment industry break all records.

Mobile gaming 

Today, there are more gamers than ever, and it is the mobile devices responsible for that. The games are entirely free to download (with optional spending), available in just a few clicks, and exciting and addictive. 2020 already seems to be the year of mobile gaming because an increasing number of severe PC games are being ported to phones. Call of Duty mobile completely surprised us with its quality and similarity to the original games. It is only a matter of days when other major development studios will transfer their games to this platform and grab a piece of the enormous cake. The thing that has already started to spin is 5G gaming. With the advent of serious gaming on phones, fast and stable connectivity has become imperative for a strong gaming experience, and 5G is just the last link in the chain to set mobile gaming on the scene as a serious trend, esports, and the perfect pastime. We can expect that all major and significant operators will present their 5G networks precisely through mobile gaming because the advantages are by far the biggest and most noticeable.

Online gambling and cryptocurrencies

Online gambling has become commonplace because it allows players to access their favorite game at any time of the day and wherever they are. And in a sea of ​​gambling sites, online casinos should continuously improve their slot games, their way of working, roulette, and other games to provide players with constant entertainment. As people are willing to pay for entertainment, this fact should be used to their advantage by online casino operators, significantly increasing their income.

With the introduction of cryptocurrencies in casinos, it has been proven that this type of entertainment keeps pace with today’s trends. Today, gambling in digital currencies has become the leading and favorite payment method for many players due to the speed of transactions, security, and anonymity in case of hacking or identity theft. Although this type of gambling is banned or still not regulated in some countries, the growing demand in the coming years will be to promote and expand and regulate cryptocurrency gambling in these areas. Traditional payment methods will remain possible, but gambling sites are slowly changing old ways to new ones, so it is predicted that cryptocurrencies will continue to dominate the gambling industry on online platforms that accept this type of currency.

Popularity of Esports 

Due to the significant expansion in this field during the last few years, esports became popular when players started to gather online for fun at competitions and tournaments. It very quickly turned into games with massive prize pools. Esports tournaments are one of the fastest-growing in popularity, and in terms of overall numbers, they are already competing with traditional sports. In the world of traditional media, this is already widely recognized, and that is why we see more and more mainstream media houses entering into the monitoring of this area. With awards growth and technological improvements, we can expect esports to progress even further in 2021.

AR (Augmented reality) and VR (Virtual reality)

It seems as if Pokémon GO has almost stopped being a planetary hit; it’s only a matter of time before a similar game overshadows the world in the same way. AR graphics should still reach their maximum, mobile devices are becoming more affordable, and the average household has no barriers to owning them. Therefore, developers are increasingly entering this area. Given that this experience will break the stereotype that playing a video game, you have to be riveted to a computer or phone. It is undeniable that year 2021. we will have a handful of AR games that will shake the scene and change the way we look at gaming. If you wanted to play virtual reality video games three years ago, you needed a PlayStation or a supercomputer with outstanding graphics cards to download some of them online. Since then, the virtual reality industry has experienced a sudden boom. Now you only need to buy specialized equipment for playing these games, such as VR headset devices available to a wide range of users.

Cloud gaming

It may have seemed a few years ago that this is a story for the distant future. Still, Google has proven the opposite and is already leasing its computing power so that people without computers or consoles can play the most demanding games of today on their TV. However, they had a difficult start, both from the technical side, because most internet connections are still not ready for something like this, and many criticized the games from the aspect of the offer.   We firmly believe that the situation will significantly improve during 2021. That cloud gaming will become a separate industry branch that will bring this type of entertainment even closer to an ordinary person who does not want to think but only turn on his TV and play.

The entertainment industry, according to all forecasts, has high growth potential. All the mentioned trends that are already being applied or will be applied speak in favor of an even more significant expansion of mobile platforms’ games.

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