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Enjoy Your Summer With These 7 Tips

With the first warm days, the desire for summer also doubles. But we will tell you now how you can bring the summer home to you in the first days of spring. The days are slowly getting warmer, and we can almost taste the summer on the tongue. With its long days of sunshine, fresh fruits, refreshing drinks, and jumps in cool water.

Enjoy the sun to the fullest

The sunny days are still sparse, but with spring comes more light. This not only increases the good mood but also slowly gets our skin used to the sun’s rays again and thus reduces the risk of sunburn in the coming months. Take your sunglasses out of the closet; otherwise, it can quickly become dangerous. After the long winter, our skin has few pigments and, therefore, little self-protection will be good. However, this is exactly what we are building up piece by piece to enjoy the summer to the fullest.

Vitamin D, which we also get from the sun, is also one of the most important vitamins for our body. It strengthens the immune system, bones, and muscles and also puts a smile on our faces.

Plants make you happy.

Not only the sun brings us into a summer mood, but also plants. Whether in the apartment, in the garden, or on the balcony, the green leaves and colorful flowers put us in high spirits and bring the summer into our own four walls. Now in spring is the perfect time to plant wildflowers for bees, fresh, fragrant herbs, or juicy, sweet tomatoes. Watching them grow and watch them bloom makes the waiting time until the summer months much more bearable. And the evergreen plants in our apartment help us keep to routines and breathe cleaner air and give us a tropical ambiance with their exquisite appearance and alluring scent.

The perfect summer outfits

Of course, the appropriate wardrobe should not be missing. The winter sweaters are gradually disappearing in the closet, and the colorful dresses, short shorts, and thin blouses are being worn more and more frequently.  The more color, the more summer feelings we get. As part of the annual spring cleaning, the wardrobe is often mucked out and reloaded.

This encourages creativity and gives you even more outfit options for the summer. Shopping is still on the agenda, of course, but after months of online shopping, it needs a breath of fresh air.

Read into the distance.

If the wanderlust cannot be satisfied this year as well and the longing for beaches and distant places becomes overwhelming, a visit to the local bookstore. Membership in the nearest library or a subscription to an audiobook service. Because with the help of summer books, you can dream your way to the most beautiful places and experience adventures, some of which we will hopefully be able to experience again soon.

Have some refreshment.

The easiest trick to bring the summer home is hidden in your own kitchen. You can make the already mentioned ice cream there and favorites from the regional kitchens of your favorite countries. Italian pasta, Spanish tapas, Thai Phat Thai, or the Greek Melitzanosalata bring the taste of distant lands and beautiful memories into your home.

It also provides variety in the kitchen, and it never gets boring at dinner! Refreshing recipes with fruits, such as blueberry pancakes or Buddha bowls, also increase the summer feeling.

Make ice cream yourself.

What does summer promise more than delicious ice cream? There are many ice cream recipes, from creamy ice cream to vegan sorbets. You can try a wide variety of ice cream flavors and play with tastes and consistencies. Every spoon of this ice cream is unique because it tastes not only of berries and hot summer days but also of the pride of having made your own dessert. It can also be worth investing in a slush machine that sweetened everyday life with cool water ice at any time for offices or shared apartments.

Dance away to the music

Time to create a summer playlist and put together the last few years’ absolute favorite songs and the current charts into a mix that won’t let you sit still. A good mood is part of the summer as the sunshine, and what gives us more endorphins than good music and just dancing wildly? Moving the body is always good for you, and intuitive dance is good for our physical fitness and our minds. Dancing and music make you happy and promote our well-being and mental health. To increase this energy boost even further, wear your favorite outfit for your dance session and let your feet fly barefoot over the floor.

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