Effective Tips for Paraphrasing

Rephrasing has been used as an effective way of expressing an idea to attain clarity. Many people use rephrasing to avoid being quoted as having plagiarized a piece of work. Paraphrasing implies that a writer formulates the ideas given by a person and presenting them in their own way.

Important Tips to Follow While Paraphrasing

When paraphrasing an article, remember that you must start your sentences at a different point from the original paper. Remember to employ synonyms to make your texts appear different from the original one. Additionally, remember to change your sentence structure so that the new sentence sound completely different from the original one. This can be achieved by changing the contents from passive to active ones. Additionally, the information should be broken down into smaller separate sentences to enable the concealing of information. 


How to Paraphrase a Given Sources

Paraphrasing has always been used for many years. It is important to note that the original meaning should not be lost whenever a text is paraphrased.  Authors use paraphrasing as an alternative to quoting another person’s words. While paraphrasing involves rewriting the entire phase, quoting entails using another person’s words and placing them in quotation marks.

When coming up with an academic paper, it is advisable to paraphrasing rather than quoting. This helps in showing that the new author understood the source, original text. It also helps in making your work to appear as original and devoid of plagiarism.

Because paraphrasing entails rewriting another person’s ideas and presenting them as your own, always remember to give credit to the sources. As a paraphraser, avoid using words that are too close or too similar to the source. Taking such precautions ensures that your paper cannot be easily be traced back to the sources:

  • Read the given passing severally. 
  • Take note of the key ideas and concepts.
  • Write a new version, this time keeping your eyes away from the old text.
  • Make a comparison between the written text and the sources and adjust the section that appears similar to the source.
  • Cite the sources that you used to obtain your information

Are Rephrasing Sites Effective?

Several sites can be used to paraphrase a given piece of work. A sentence rephraser is an effective way to paraphrase any given article. Paraphrasing apps have been built to help you rephrase any number of words to a new document unique from the old one. They are also effective in reading a given comprehension and developing a new vocabulary to replace the old text. The sites can simplify complex words to simpler ones that can easily be understood by any reader.

Another major advantage of rephrasing sites is their ability to allow a person to reword a given sentence or the entire paragraph. This can be achieved while reducing the entire text’s complexity so that anyone at a lower reading level can decipher the implied meaning.

Rephrasing sites have proven effective, especially in the world of academia. People can now rely on the sites to paraphrase any given sources of information, cite them and produce as their own. Those having English lessons find the sites effective since the papers can be paraphrased to the extent that it can be viewed as a native speaker’s work.

Many apps can also be used to paraphrase a given text or sentence. They have metrics to check for the plagiarism index as well as any other issues related to grammar. As a user, when these parameters are reviewed, it is possible to know the sections that can be edited, rewritten, or deleted to avoid being quoted as a plagiarized text. The apps have also been effective in helping junior readers and writers in polishing their grammar. This has been made possible because the apps offer suggestions and enhancements that can be edited, deleted, or modified. 

Paraphrasing has given many scholars a chance to express important ideas as their own. This helps any reader to have a deeper understanding of the topic. Rephrasing is the writing future since a person does not have to remember the exact words, as is the case with a quotation. If one does not want to commit to memorizing a given text, then paraphrasing is the way to go. As such, individuals can rely on paraphrasing tools to get texts that they can easily read and understand.

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