Easy Simple Steps To Download Apple Music Without Spending A Single Penny

Technology has evolved over the years, and so did the music. Who could ever have thought that from cassettes to CDs, and now we have shifted to digital music? Music has become every person’s friend. They accompany people in every kind of mood.

There are tons of selections of albums, playlists, radios, and podcasts to listen through music streaming. There are also lots of music streaming apps to do these. Along with Spotify, Apple Music has been at the top list of popular music streaming apps of all time.

A day can never be complete without a little bit of music. Apple Music provides the top-performing services that any interested users may avail. If you want to know more about the Apple Music app, its benefits, and its benefits, go ahead and scroll down.

What are the benefits you can get from Apple Music?

Like the top-performing music streaming apps, Apple Music offers a wide variety of songs, albums, and many more from different genres and artists. All you need to do is look them up in the search bar. 

You may also choose to create and organize the playlist of your liking. Besides music, you may also listen to your favorite podcasts and radio while you are trying to fall asleep. If you want to know more about how to download apple music, then continue scrolling down!

How much does it cost?

You don’t have to worry about spending a fortune since with Apple Music, and you will be only paying for an affordable price. Students can even avail their University Student Plan for a much lower price!

If you find yourself unhappy or displeased with the whole music application and feel it’s not the right one for you, then you don’t have to worry since Apple will always give you the option to cancel your subscription anytime.

What if I want it for free?

I know you think that it might not be worth it since you won’t be able to stream music for free just like Spotify, but here’s the thing, you can download Apple Music for free!

After the free trials for three months from Apple Music, some users would want to stop their subscription since they are not willing to pay for one. Here are steps you should follow to download and keep songs from Apple Music:

Launch your preferred browser and download the Apple Music Converter, then wait for it to complete. After doing so, launch the software or application, and the iTunes app will automatically launch along with it. Hit the music playlist button on the left portion of your screen, and choose the songs you wish to convert. 

After that, head to the “Output Settings, “click the “MP3” for your songs’ output format.

Tap or hit the “Convert” key, and the songs will begin to convert into audio files that are unsafe or unprotected. You may start accessing your songs by clicking on the “History” button and clicking on the “Open Output File” button.

Just for a heads up, Apple Music can be accessed for free, but it will be limited. If you want to obtain more of its premium or pro version, you will be required to buy the lifetime software for only 39.95 USD.

If you would instead download Apple Musics through a different method or way, many choices on the internet are legal and illegal, such as DRmare Apple Music Downloader and Torrent. As an advice, it is better to do it legally, instead of the latter.


Spending for a music streaming app subscription is not a huge problem and is the best idea. Singers and songwriters get to be recognized and compensated through this. 

However, downloading songs without paying a single penny won’t be a big deal, as long as you have good intentions for downloading them, and not to ruin the original singer and songwriter’s hard work and reputation.

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