Easily build a cat fence with these 5 DIY ideas

A cat fence is an effective way to keep your cat in check and to protect your garden from the dangers of the outdoors.

You have a variety of fencing options. There do exist fences you can use, as well as others who can build from scratch. Five easy DIY cat fencing plans are available that you can install on a weekend. Before you know it, your cat will be playing in the grass!

DIY Cat Fence Plans

Most of the work for building a cat fence can be done if your yard is already fenced. To ensure your cat doesn’t get out of your fence, make sure it is at least 5ft tall.

Bracketed Mesh

There are many ways to add a bracketed wire mesh extension on top of an existing fence. Attaching brackets of steel to fence posts that face your yard is the first step. Then cover them with steel mesh. This prevents your cat from climbing over the mesh and is a great way to keep them contained.

There are many kits that can be purchased at your local hardware shop that include everything you need to make this cat fences. The size and materials required will determine the cost of this project.

Cat Rollers

Cat rollers have the exact same design as coyote and dog rollers. They are great at keeping animals out of your yard, and they can also keep your pets inside. They are attached to the fence’s top rail. The roller spins if your cat jumps on it. This can cause your cat to lose his balance and fall off the fence.

You can buy rollers online made of metal, PVC or wood. These rollers are easy to attach and will keep animals out of your yard.

DIY Cat Fence Plans – If you don’t have a fence

Mesh Fencing

Fencing made of chicken wire or mesh netting are easy to construct and relatively inexpensive. To attach the wire to your posts, you will need to make sure that your mesh is 6 to 7 feet tall.

Although it is almost certain that your cat will climb the mesh, it won’t be strong enough to hold their weight. If your cat sees the fence is not stable, they will stop climbing. Attach the fence to the ground to prevent your cat from climbing under it. If you have trees in your yard make sure that there aren’t any branches over the enclosure to allow your cat to escape.

You can also buy pre-made mesh cat enclosures if you don’t feel like being handy.


A catios is a temporary structure that can be built if you don’t have enough space or aren’t looking to build one. These plans can be modified to fit on a balcony or deck, as well as in a backyard. You can make a 3- or 4-sided enclosure for your cat by using sturdy wire and wood framing. You can also attach it to your home if you are really inventive. This will allow your cat to use the cat door as a doorway whenever they wish.

Enclosed Deck

Extended fencing can be used to close off a deck or balcony. To close gaps in your railings, attach chicken wire or mesh with zip ties and then extend the railing by using a fence extender.

You can also keep your cat and birds safe by enclosing your deck. This DIY option is also great for apartment dwellers!


Your outdoor space will determine the best way to keep cats safe. Cat fencing won’t keep your cat safe, however. You should make sure that your cat is not able to escape from your enclosed space.

These DIY plans will require some handyman skills. If you aren’t confident in your ability to make an outdoor enclosure, you can purchase pre-made ones. It’s worth the effort to allow your cat to enjoy the fresh air and mental stimulation of being outdoors.

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