Path of Exile Marauder Class Guide

If you want to learn more about the Marauder class in Path of Exile, then look no further than the following guide. 

When you are out in the wide world of Path of Exile, you will be out earning PoE currency, casting spells, and stealthily taking down your foes and as you progress through the ARPG’s narrative and more. But what if you ant something that is a bit more straightforward? A no-nonsense, battering ram of a character that is more brawn over brain perhaps? Well now you can with the Marauder. 

The problem is that even though there is a strong focus on strength, it does rely on players knowing how to utilize the class to make the most of it and potentially avoid disaster. 

Focus on Resistances

Given the sheer power of the Marauder, you are inevitably going to get yourself to a point where you will have more health than any other class, regardless of whether you are focusing on damage instead or not. That being said, the game would be way too easy if you could just get yourself to a point where you can just have an absolute damage sponge of a character. 

With that in mind, you will want to get your spell resistances up through your gear stats. Have armour buffs too that will help you, and you can probably stop going after health buffs once you have gotten to around 200% of them. 

Use Area of Effect Support Gems Too

So we have our resistances now, but what about support gems? Specifically, AoE support gems are more often than not associated with intelligence active skill gems, but they can be devastating in the right hands with strength active skill gems as well. So if you want to use sweeping attacks or the likes of Earthquakes with it, then pull the trigger on this method. Your duty as Marauder is often taking out bulk enemies and mobs, so having this in mind when getting AoE support gems can make you the most valuable member of the team. 

Choose Fire Damage

Sure, there are a bunch of elemental effects that you could apply to your Marauder, as you could with ailments too. That said, you will want to avoid getting yourself all mixed up by putting them all together in different combinations. 

We have already established the kind of tactics that we are going to be adopting as the Marauder, and it isn’t exactly going to have a heavy focus on spellcasting. With that being said, you will want to mainly focus on just one element, and using fire is a great choice if you are going to use the following Ascendancy. 

The Chieftain Ascendancy

The Ascendancy that you choose is entirely up to you, but there are some that are better than others as to be expected. As we mentioned, the use of fire damage can be extremely useful when playing as the Marauder. By choosing the Chieftain Ascendancy, you will be getting a lot of new tools under your belt. These include fire damage, as well as the highly effective life leech as well as totems and more. 

So that complexity that you may have been looking for to add to the Marauder is definitely present here. You will be able to just do that bit more rather than the basic hit or be hit routine that is common with this Path of Exile Marauder class anyway. 

Take Control of the Fight

When you and your peers are out battling, then the most essential method that you need to adapt to is remembering your role. You are a Marauder, and as the tank-like powerhouse that you are, you should be leading from the front. You are going to have other Path of exile classes behind you that are far more susceptible to damage than you are, and your job is to be on the frontline making sure that you are withstanding the brunt whilst dishing out sever punishment to your foes at the same time. 

After all, all the best traits of being a Marauder comes from being in a fight. So you will want to make sure that you are making the most of your advantages when you are in combat. By preventing your group from being surrounded, you are giving them chance to focus on their individual roles, then you can make the overall combat sequence a lot more manageable. You may have to part ways with some PoE currency via PoE Trade to get the best out of this class, but you will soon be leading your team in no time as an unmatched force. 

Have you tried out the Path of Exile Marauder class? Let us know in the comments section below!

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