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Dr. Moriba Jah, The Space Garbage Man

Hard to believe, this man is neither an artist nor a top model, but a scientist, one of the greatest brains of our century. Dr. Jah, real name Moriba Kemessia Jah, real Space Cowboy, started his career in the Security Police of the US Air Force. 

This “fashion boy” really gives the impression of coming out of the science fiction movie, one is astonished, why Hollywood has not yet made this character. We live in a world where at the top of the box-office, Wall Street predators, singers and actors deceiving poor audience emerge, while real heroes, who can inspire a lot of young people, are in the shadows. We think it is important that Jah’s work be publicized in the media to change the ideas of our society. He is a “living legend” that deserves our respect. 

Born in 1971, his parents divorced when he was two years old, he grew up with his mother. His genius was spotted early on by NASA who gave him a space grant. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at UTAustin’s Cockrell School of Engineering.

He has consulted for space policy on NPR, BBC, National Geographic. Jah gave formal testimony to the United States Congress in 2017, discussing a civil space traffic management system. He created ASTRIAGraph, the first database of knowledge graphs for such management. From 2001 to date, Dr. Jah has received several prestigious awards including the NASA Group Achievement Award and Aviation Week Space Technology Laurel Award “for the superb navigation of the Mars Odyssey space craft to Mars” and “TED Fellow” in 2019. In addition to his mission to protect orbit from space debris, “The Space Garbage Man”, Jah is married and a wonderful father of three children.


Thus, we would not want the youth to be deprived of the achievements of such a personality, the impact of Jah’s research and work on humanity should not be neglected. True heroes must be discovered, and with this article we take another step towards the promotion of meritocracy. 

His war, he currently brings him into Earth orbit to protect the environment from space debris, he presents his research on the identification and tracking of these potentially dangerous objects, hence the self-proclamation “TheSpace Garbage Man”. He believes that companies are increasingly venturing into space, thus increasing the dangers of space traffic.

Dr. Jah is a world-recognized subject matter expert in astrodynamics-based Space Domain Awareness sciences and technologies with 75+ publications in peer-reviewed journals, conferences, and symposia. He’s been an invited lecturer and keynote speaker at 20+ national and international space events, workshops and fora.

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