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Does Bikini laser hair removal hurt?

We don’t want a jungle down there, right! And we also know how sensitive the area down there is when it comes to hair removal. Be it shaving or waxing or laser hair removal, the bikini area is risky. 

Since applying the traditional methods for hair removal down there is risky, the newest solution is laser hair removal. So, if you consider getting one, keep every possible aspect of its effect in mind. 

Bikini laser hair removal may sound overwhelming at first. That is why it is recommended to get proper consultation about it and the treatment from expert technicians. No doubt, the benefits of laser hair removal treatment are excellent. However, without adequate care, the side effects may increase. 

Either way, the most common question that every individual going for a bikini laser hair removal is the same. They all wonder if the process is painful. In truth, even if some minor side effects vary based on the person’s skin, the process is not painful. So, you can go for bikini hair removal (脫毛) or even get a Brazilian laser treatment.  

Laser hair removal on the bikini area does not usually hurt. You might feel slight discomfort in the initial process. But, the overall pain is not intense and is bearable. Even if it hurts a little, the laser hair removal treatment level differs from person to person. 

Several factors influence the effect of bikini laser hair removal. These include hair color, skin type, hair density, and the ability of the person to bear the pain. People with low pain tolerance and sensitive skin might get hurt even by a slight discomfort due to equipment. If you have dark, coarse, and strong hair, you will feel more pain than a person with light-colored hair. 

The initial stinging feeling of laser hair removal treatment minimizes after regular sessions, say 4 to 5. The hair on that particular body part now grows thinner and is less dense. A slight pain should not be your reason not to get laser hair removal treatment on your bikini area. Instead, the technicians also use advanced cooling systems to help the client with discomfort. 

A standard bikini laser hair removal treatment takes about 10 to 20 minutes per session. But, it also depends on the person and the hair removal. 

What to do before a bikini laser hair removal session? 

You can do many things to prep your skin before a bikini laser hair removal session. These activities would help minimize the pain or discomfort you might experience in the initial laser process. So, here is what you can do:

  • Let the hair on your bikini line grow for a while. But, the day before the laser treatment, you can shave or trim the hair. 
  • Taking a mild pain reliever is also helpful. 
  • Do not consume any caffeine product right before the laser hair removal session. 
  • Do take note of your period dates. Ensure that the laser session is a week before or after your period timings. 
  • Try to relax your mind and body as much as you can. It will help the technician and you with a smooth hair removal process. 

Why is laser hair removal in the bikini area risky?

Why do you think many people still refrain from getting a bikini laser hair removal treatment? Well, there are two chief reasons for that. One is that as the bikini area is sensitive, the process appears risky. Second, laser treatment is intimidating to people because the process seems painful. However, bikini laser hair removal is not painful at all. 

Now, laser hair removal involves scientific processes and advanced equipment. Technicians use radiofrequency and laser technologies to stimulate the blood flow and collagen under the skin. The highly inducing yet controlled heat affects the hair follicles and tissues deep under the skin. If the overall process is not done carefully, the skin will get severely affected. You might notice burns and scar tissues. 

Bikini laser hair removal serves as a beauty regimen and hygiene, also with health benefits. Laser treatment around the vaginal area helps rid menstrual problems like menopause, sexual dysfunction, dryness, and pain. Thus, the technician at hand must be skilled and cautious during the process. 

Either way, a few common issues or side effects that you may encounter after a laser hair removal include:

  • Minor skin redness. 
  • Skin blistering or crusting. 
  • Temporary skin irritation. 
  • Slight swelling in the treated area. 
  • Temporary skin pigmentation if you are dark-skinned or have dark hair. 
  • Depending on the skin, there might also be acne-like breakouts, scarring, burns, and changes in skin color. 

Nonetheless, a proper bikini laser hair removal treatment helps boost confidence. You need to find a skilled and trustworthy technician to do the job. So, go and get rid of stubborn body hairs.

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