Do You Need Storage Insurance?

Sometimes you’re going to have special belongings that have significant personal value, or are priceless. Other times, you may have something that is worth a lot of money, such as antiques, furniture, hardware, or other items. When you have prized possessions going into storage, you need to have viable options in case of emergency situations that have been known to happen. Therefore, you may need to know when and how to purchase Storage Plus self storage insurance that can protect your belongings in the event of an emergency situation and keep them safe. In this guide we’ll tell you all about self-storage insurance and how to play it safe.

Choosing Existing Coverage

There are some insurance providers out there who provide additional insurance for stored items, but you will need to discuss this with them. Many times, people assume that just because they have something such as renter’s insurance or another financial mortgage or home insurance, that they’re items are going to be safe and covered in case anything happens. But what a lot of people don’t know is that the insurance policy they have will often have in fine print that you can’t actually claim items in self-storage units. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check with your insurance provider first.

Self-Storage Protection Options

When you find out that your insurance company doesn’t provide the protection, what can you do? Well fortunately, you can get a storage insurance option that give you additional insurance that you pay only a few bucks a month for every thousand dollars of insured items that are in there. Some places have maximum coverage limits, so you need to be careful about what you end up protecting with it. For example, if you have a family heirloom worth $4,000 and a living room set worth $1,000, but you have a bunch of electronic items that equal $5,000 (if that is your max coverage limit), you may want to forgo those electronic items and make sure that your family heirloom is covered instead.

Keep an Eye on the Fine Print

You definitely want to look at the fine print of every single thing that you sign, especially with an insurance policy. You need to know how much you’ll be covered for as mentioned above, but some places also have a limit on the number of items that will be covered. You also need to pay close attention to any hidden fees that may be attached during your coverage plan, such as taxes, processing fees, and much more. Some places add this to your already designed storage unit bill, so there’s minimal extra charges. But keep an eye out if there is anything separate that’s going to end up being paid.


If you’re looking for excellent storage options, plus the ability to have additional insurance, shop around for the best prices possible and make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row before you jump the gun and purchase anything. You want to know your items are safe, and you want to know that should anything happen, that they will be replaced if necessary.

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