DIY Tips On How To Fix Broken Shingles And Other Roofing Damages

Roofing damages need to be immediately addressed because they’re a threat to the overall security of your home. Over time, loose shingles will wear out and give in to even greater impairment that will require an expensive overhaul. 

Instead of letting it get out of hand, here are expert tips from New View Roofing for fixing broken shingles. 

DIY Shingle Repair 

1. Assessment 

Once you’ve got your protective wear on, from heavy-duty gloves, gripping boots or similar footwear, to eyewear, with a secure pathway leading up to the roof (and harnesses, if they’re available), make an assessment of the roof itself.  Roof Top Services provides complete roof installation warranties along with 24 hour emergency service in Orlando

Carefully inspect the damaged shingles and count how many are in need of replacing. You’ll be able to easily spot them because of discolouration, cracks and corrosion, and seepage, among others  

It’s also important to note that these roofing problems tend to quickly spread out to the surrounding parts of the main affected area. You might need to remove each one of the shingles because re-securing them make that significant of an impact in restoring them. Plus, you’ll only be indirectly signing up for constant repair services.

2. Shingles + Cool Climate 

Two of the main materials of shingles are asphalt and asphalt sealant. This duo doesn’t do well when being applied during warm weather. High temperatures allow it to be too moldable and thus, more challenging to remove. In contrast to this, it’s recommended that shingle-removal is done before the sun is up and before its heat is distributed to the roofing’s surface. 

However, if you’re running on a tight schedule and have no other recourse than to do this under the heat of the sun or in warm seasons, aside from working early in the a.m., wet the shingles with cold water before your begin. This will counteract the heat and make shingles firm up and be easier to remove. 

3. Nail-Loosening 

Using a pry bar, unhinged nails and loosen them, especially the pieces that are closest to the ruined shingles. Follow a 60-degree angle as you firmly lift the nails up but be sure to take extra care as you accomplish this so as to avoid damaging sections that are still in good condition. 

If you only want to remove small parts, the general rule is to choose 5 tabs that are closest to the damaged segments and two rows in each direction. In simpler words, imagine following a circle around the target shingle/s with the aforementioned tab and row numbering. Remember to pry them gently and with caution.

4. Shingle Replacement 

Be patient as you ensure that the nails are completely lifted from the surface before removing the ruined shingles. There are those who want this tedious process to be quickened and they end up lifting the shingle while a fourth of the nail is still holding it down. This will not only further damage the target shingle but may do the same to its surrounding portions. 

Follow the step by step process. Once the nails are completely taken out, focus on the adhesive beneath the tabs and loosen them just as slowly. Finally, set new shingles on the now empty space as per the instructions listed on the roofing product guide. 

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