Dewalt dws779 & dws780: Which One Should You Choose?

The Dewalt dws 779 and the Dewalt dws 780 are two of the very best miter saws that are currently available on the market. Because of how good they are, they are suitable for both inexperienced home DIYers and highly experienced professional tradesmen. However, there is much debate over which one of them is the best and, thus, the one that you should choose to purchase with your hard earned money. This is why we are taking an in depth look at each of the two models so that we can compare and contrast them in order to be able to finally put to bed this issue for good. In addition to this, you can also read another similar review looking at this very topic – click for more

Miter Saw Engines

So let us begin by looking at the most important thing in any miter saw, the engine. In this case, both models have the exact same 15 amp motor that delivers a great amount of power in the form of a maximum RPM of 3,800. This makes cutting with either one of them a quick and easy process. The next most important thing to consider is the cutting blade that comes with the product as standard. With both models coming with a 12 inch stainless steel one that weighs 60 pounds, again there is not much difference between the two. Where the difference does lie is that the dws 780 also comes with a carbide cutting blade in addition to the standard issue steel one. This provides a greater amount of versatility.

Guide System for Each Dewalt Model

Thus far there has not been much difference between the dws 779 and the dws 780. However, when it comes to the respective guide system that they each have, there is a big difference. For example, the dws 780 uses a brightly shining LED light that projects on the length of the cutting blade itself. As a result, a shadow is cast, which constantly follows any movement that the cutting blade may make. In contrast to this, the dws 779 uses a laser guide. The problem with this however though is that these guide systems have a tendency to move out of alignment over time, thus having a direct impact on the quality of your cutting work. 

Miter Saw Cost

What, for most people, the decision of which one of these two models to purchase comes down to is cost. For this very reason, most individuals seem to choose the dws 779 as it is much cheaper than the dws 780. This price differential is mainly as a result of the superior guide system that the dws 780 has over the dws 779. For most occasional users or home DIYers, this is not enough of a difference to warrant the increased price difference. However, for those professional tradesmen where quality of work and accuracy are at the forefront of everything that they do, then the difference in price is probably worth paying as it is pretty much guaranteed with the dws 780.

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