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Okay, so it’s been a tough 48 minutes. Still, the contests going on, and the Buffs—for better or worse—have to quickly put the CSU game behind them.

“We just have to throw it away and keep moving,” said Dan Hawkins.

Posted at cuatthegame is all you’ll need to become an expert on Toledo Rockets’ football

“T.I.P.S.” for the game

The Buffs have more notable, save the intangibles, and the plan leans towards the Rockets. The stats taped both tones.

Archive Contest of the Week—That is an indulgent choice. The only other sport in the archives between CU and a MAC team was CU v. Miami (Ohio) in 2007 (bonus points if you know the only other game presented between CU and a MAC club—hint, halt explanation the T.I.P.S.).

One last thing before you heads off to the web site. Today, Dan Hawkins inscribed the predicaments of getting plays in on time on Sunday. Scotty McKnight’s injury and subsequent changes in receiver personnel were to blame for the Buffs’ steady disability to advance the party before the game clock punched zero.

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Update About Cuatthegame

 Updates on linebacker Derrick Stephens and left rigging Daron Rose. Don’t appreciate whence certain two actresses fit into your fall plans to watch the Buffs? You’ll have to go to the site and record up.

 Two credentials for your summertime reading table. One roster is all surrounding CU soccer and is by the guru of CU football, Dave Plati. It comes to escape the end of June and is a “must-have” for every Buff fan. The other book I think you’ll enjoy never mentions the Buffs (or college football for that matter). It is almost 20 ages old and is the autobiography of an English football, aka soccer, fan. Noiseless, the book is about what it indicates to be a devoted fan, and the author eloquently captures what us—the diehard fans—are all about.

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