Apps Used Worldwide To Get COVID-19 Updates

All the countries are trying their best to stop the spread of the COVID-19 Updates and they are implementing strict strategies for masses to assist containing the virus by adopting preventive measures. In this regard, several countries have taken help from online apps to provide updates and awareness about COVID-19 Updates in their countries. These apps provide updates of virus and also assist in tracing the active patients of coronavirus in one area so that people can stay at a distance from patients.

Conversely, people have some objections while using these apps. People are supposed to face privacy issues by using these apps. However, the government and organizations are ensuring people their privacy and health concerns are well-kept by the government. Hence health officials and informatics departments of countries have been succeeded in the creation of online apps and Cheap essay help offline apps to help people get corona updates and tracking of corona patients in any area. Experts at in conducted their research at apps for corona worldwide and found the following countries with their efficient apps for coronavirus.


The Australian government has introduced the CovidSafe App on 14 April to stop the spread of the virus by the identification of virus contracted areas by this App. This App was developed by Singapore and it works on Bluetooth tracing. It is said that more than 4 million Australian are using this App to get them updated about ongoing circumstances. 


Singapore was on the front to make apps to trace corona patients and areas with the help of blue tooth technology. It has launched an amazing Trace Together app to help people know about active cases of corona so that people can keep themselves at a distance from these patients. Open trace and Blue Trace were also two competent apps that were introduced to update people about coronavirus circumstances in the country. Many countries have taken brainwaves from Singapore to develop the same blue tooth tracing apps to trace corona patients in the countries and assist people in knowing about COVID-19.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arab has recently launched a new COVID-19 Updates Corona Map Saudi Arabia for all mobile phone users. By using this App, users will get to know about all coronavirus areas, patients, and the latest statistics of the virus. There is also a support member to answer all your questions about coronavirus in the App.


The national task forces of Bahrain and the information and Government authority have collectively introduced a Beware Bahrain app to trace the active patents and getting information about the coronavirus in the country. This App can tell you about active cases of corona in one area and aware you to stay away from the person and keep track of coronavirus affected person. 


China has been successful in the prevention of viruses to other provinces and it has contained the virus in certain areas with the help of technology and health experts.

The Chinese authorities have launched an app with the collaboration of Alipay to trace the coronavirus cases and this App helps users to get acknowledged of any virus container in your nearby area and you will get automatic updates of coronavirus by this App. 

Czech Republic

The country has developed an app name eRouska as taking an idea from Singapore based Bluetooth tracing technology and it will be soon able to deliver its corona updates when it is officially launched by the government.


India has introduced the Arogya Situ App on Google Play Store and Apple Play Store for downloading for people. This App is developed by the information department of the country to help people get the latest news, and updates of coronavirus.


The government has made an app Smittest App to the aware public of virus cases and it particularly works on Bluetooth and Gps signal tracing. 


MyTrace was the first App launched in the country on 3 May by the government. It was available on Android only. It traces nearby android mobiles of users with the same App as it was only to update about those android users. MySejahThera was also an official app made by the information ministry of the country to aware people of corona situations.


The CoronApp has been made by the Colombian government to help people diagnose symptoms of the coronavirus and assist people in adopting precautionary measures to stay themselves safe from the virus. It has been available on mobiles, android, and iPhones. They have taken technology from South Korea and Singapore to make it more competitive with the facilitation of active data of people having corona symptoms. However, people have been objecting to this App due to some privacy concerns which have been ignored by the government. People can freely download it from app stores.  

App for the United Kingdom

In U.K people are advised to take updates of COVID-19 Updates from a Bluetooth App developed by NHS. This App works by Bluetooth to trace devices in range with similar apps. The App has been developed to prevent the spread of the virus and the government has advised people to download the App on their devices to assist for containment of viruses and spreading of awareness about the virus. If anyone has symptoms he can check symptoms from App and App helps NHS to collect data about people who are seriously showing symptoms of COVID-19 Updates. Moreover, people can seek guidelines on how to self-isolate themselves in emergencies and what role they can play to stop the spread of the virus.  

United States

The ‘Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s App has been launched in the country for the swiftest updates of the virus on mobile phones. It’s the website of the institution in the shape of the App to facilitate people’s updates, news, preventive measures and latest happenings about the virus in the entire region. It also tells users about areas of high virus contamination with preventive measures and medical guidelines.

South Korea

The government is adopting some strategies to keep people tuned on virus updates. It has introduced App working on Bluetooth signals and financial transferring of people are detected to get information about active cases of the corona. Most countries are developing apps for themselves by taking ideological technology of South Korea which has been quite successful.

Still the countries are more adopting technologies to make an App to trace worldwide and so on, our experts at Online Essay Help are researchers and will bring to you more Apps related to COVID-19 Updates when they will be launched.

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